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    Lets talk shovels

    Look at "Mean Mother shovel" several options to use in one package less than $100 comes with a storage bag..... keeps your rig clean and all pieces together..... I have used mine for several years now and am pleased with it, made very stout.
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    Blundstone Boots

    On my second pair #1 4 years use, #2 have been wearing them on and off for the last 2 years I wear them for everything, for me they are a good sturdy boot, they can take a beating and if you take of them (like anything) they may serv you well. also you can clean them up pretty nice..... however...
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    Swing Out Tool Boxes Question

    The self tapping screws held when my case was installed in my Ford Ranger.... not a problem... survived the wash board road out to and back in Death valley to the dry lake with the wind blown rocks from Teakettle junction and many other bad roads since then.
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    Removable winch mount in bumper?

    I have a front mounted receiver that I mount my winch/cradle, a little loss of front clearances however it has worked out fine for me and I don't have to haul a heavy winch around all the time when I will not be needing it. My F150 is my daily driver.
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    The far too easy 'Hi-Lift Jack' stowage solution

    I store mine inside behind the front seats in my f 150 extend cab it is in a case made for it (don't remember where I got it from... maybe do a search for Hi-lift hard case) under a net that secures other stuff stored there in case of an accident..... just open the end out it comes all put...
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    Lets see some full size pictures...

    Regcabguy... I have a 2015 F150 fx4 2.7 ltr... check out RCI off-road they have to protect from front bumper to gas tank skids that are for the newer f150's
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    Desert Off-Road Trip April 2017

    Great photos....... However that bumper sticker.... that is just not kool, I bet you are not old enough to remember the 60's/70's..... you might tick off an "Old Hippy" just saying.
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    Big Bend National Park

    big bend nat park...... Great trip report! Where can I get information on drivable trails and hiking, fee's, camping spots, etc. in the park.Also entrance points, this has my interest, may want to do a solo trip in the park this summer. Thanks
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    Super Shovel by Krazy Beaver

    Mmmmmmm........I'll add... Bling, Bling! :sombrero:
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    What do you use for a truck gun?

    Truck gun.... 12 GA. Coach gun with several types of loads for different situations.. animal or social, built up or non built up areas... I think you get the picture.:sombrero: mjmcdowell
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    Concealed Carry - What Have You Got?

    Concealed carry....... Hmmmmmm......... let's tell everyone on the internet (photos too!!!!) what we have, how many, how we carry and where on our person we carry etc. etc. How about none of anyones business, is not the operative word "Concealed"? Stupid question asked..... even stupider is to...
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    Crocs...... Still wearing my Crocs...........:sombrero::sombrero: mjmcdowell
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    Traded Tacoma for '16 ecoboost F-150. Heresy?!

    New F 150..... I have a 2015 150 xl cab and 1/2 FX 4...... I love it ! it has almost 1,000 of miles on dirt the majority in 4 WD out West, (DE 5 and DE VI) as seen on this forum in NA trip reports and oh yes I live in NYS so I can tell you it is no slouch on the Interstates (40 and 70) at...
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    To shell or not shell... That is the question...?

    shell or not Since I travel in my truck I have a hard shell... had one on my last truck also. This new truck (2015 4x4 F150 FX 4) has a Leer 100 and a bed rug which I can remove when it has to be a truck, (dump runs, mulch, plants etc) I would not have a truck without one (weather proof...
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    Utah adventures via highway, dirt roads, slickrock and mud

    Utah...... you were able to get yourselves back Well... your trip turned into an adventure, that you were able to pull it together and get you have a great story to tell and some great photos also.... believe me you will have some great laughs! Good on you guy's! mjmcdowell...
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    Sandals aka flip flops

    flip flops... et all Not for me .... ram something between sole and sole of foot,stub toes, step into a cactus or other stuff..... or God forbid have to run, no thanks, in the back country I have and always prefer full coverage of leather, vibram and good socks, flip flops are for showers...
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    carrying coleman fuel

    MSR and small funnel....... period. mjmcdowell
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    What is it like to use a Waxed Jacket everyday?

    Waxed canvas coats Mine came from OZ 20 yrs ago , I treat it once in a while and it is still going strong, hang it in a tree and hose it off once in a while, used for a ground cloth under the truck and it is still tight in prolonged rain and on and on. my wife does not particularly care for...
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    The "Expedition hat" thread

    Expedition hat?????? $65 for a hat????? ******???? just get a hat... any hat, all this about an "Expedition hat" wow! I guess I need to address my hats, ball cap, cheap straw gardeners hat, they work and don't break the bank....... I guess not so "kool" tho..... mjmcdowell
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    DE VI - The Pony Express Trip Report

    DE VI Laura... great trip report, I had a blast, as always. I know next years trip will be spectacular again! All stay safe. Michael