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    Crisis in our national parks: how tourists are loving nature to death

    Suck it up folks. Your making overlanding so inclusive and popular has come back and bitten you. There used to be gate keepers this is exactly why. Yall already ruined it for me years ago when yall normalized passenger cars on trails calling it soft roading.
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    How long does it take a water tank to freeze?

    Depends on temps, wind speed, in shade or sun etc. Anywhere from an hour or 2 bare to a whole day or more if your tank is insulated or heated.
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    2018 Chevy Colorado/Trailblazer Axle Play Question

    If we'd had the Colorado 7 in america instead of the awd Trailblazer I would gave bought one to go with my colorado. If you come back to America and want to sell let me know.
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    2018 Chevy Colorado/Trailblazer Axle Play Question

    Then it isn't a chevrolet colorado it's a holden colorado7 either way you shouldn't have play in axles
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    2018 Chevy Colorado/Trailblazer Axle Play Question

    Let's start off by letting you know that there is nothing similar between the Colorado and the trailblazer except maybe a few generic sensors and switches, everything else is completely different.. trailblazer comes fwd or awd, colorado is rwd or 4wd, colorado has a boxed ladder frame...
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    Minimum EV Range Requirement for Touring Western U.S.

    I see what's good for the goose isn't good for the gander. Even though you ev people openly attack my way of life and are making my ability to produce food and money very hard with all the regulations you push for on diesel vehicles through legislation, and you can't take a little ******** talk on...
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    Minimum EV Range Requirement for Touring Western U.S.

    Sick burn. Come up with that all by yourself?
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    Minimum EV Range Requirement for Touring Western U.S.

    I don't care if people want to drive a pow pow power wheels but I dont, so please stop pushing the idea on those of us that don't want it. Electric vehicles are more past than future look up how far back their history goes and how little they've actually advanced. It's pretty sad. Aside from...
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    BEWARE of knock off Yaesu on eBay!

    I thought yaesu was already a knockoff of baofeng which is already a rip off of midland. Funny thing is China isn't even stealling the intellectual property, those companies decided to contract work to China. If you don't know by now 1 factory in China can make the same thing for like 5...
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    Slow Down! Your OHV Driving is Killing Trees! (errr, maybe it’s the drought tho?)

    So I get berated when I've said there needs to be gatekeepers on the trail and here yall are begging for them due to sxs. Guess what a convoy of overlanding vehicles doing 60mph down trails isn't helping either and I see it all the time, a row of 20 jeeps or tacomas etc coming down the trail...
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    Do we really need a spare?

    Didn't you already get all the same answers for the same question on ob? Like a year ago. If you didn't listen then why would you this time? This is a Googleable topic.
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    The Status of Overlanding Today

    Show me a 100,000 dollar truck aside from a ram trx and the earth roamer guys or these city people pushing electric trucks , I know of plenty in the 65k to 75k range for a fully kitted out overland pickup. I never see these expensive trucks in yt videos it is always a jeep of some sort or a...
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    Winch Options

    If your truck has tow points onto the front you can portable winch it like you want with trucker chains mounted on the winch. Hook up the chains to the tow hooks hook winch to battery and get at it. Your back won't be too happy but you won't be stuck. Real Mud tires not all terrains and the...
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    The Status of Overlanding Today

    Me too but for the complete opposite of you, I'm sick of people with $3000 "cars" thinking the people with "$100,000" trucks aren't out in the wild. Well yall don't see us because your in cars that can't go where we go because your in a $3000 that's usually a 2wd. Also tired of people acting...
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    Fuse size for Battery Isolator?

    Also need a length of run for the wires. for 4 gauge it would be a max of 200 amp at 15 to 25 feet. Under that length 4g is overkill 8 gauge would do 200amp at 5 to 7 feet 150 amp at 7 to 10 feet. How many amps are being drawn by the accessories? If not amps what's the wattage?
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    Perfect off-highway tire = LTX? What?

    If you believe they are great use them. Some of us have found that these types of "at" tires don't work where we go. I've personally spent a small fortune on finding the right offroad tire for my use. I have 3 vehicles and all 3 use a mud tire My main rig a chevy colorado uses firestone...
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    Am I being ridiculous?

    I vote keep the Colorado, slow down on trails and enjoy the view. Adapt And learn to pack only what you need. And if solid axle is that big a deal a 65" wide dana axle from a gladiator fits if you know what your doing. With dual lockers, 4.10 gearing and in 4low you should have no problem...
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    New Bronco

    Maybe we can get even more off topic and talk about some other models of vehicle besides the Bronco in the forum talking about Broncos. I guess that's pretty normal in the overland world, someone not talking about what you want to talk about? Just inject your ideas in their forum and force them...
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    Have A 2003 Kia Sorento 4x4 EX What To Do?

    What to do with it? use it to get a job and raise your credit score so you dont have to drive a kia, Keep it on the pavement, trade it in for something that won't be laughed at off road. Sell it to a teenager as their first car. Why would you waste money trying to raise the horsepower of a...