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    1995 5-Speed Manual Land Rover Discovery 1 Price Drop to $16,900

    Maybe I am blind but did not see a lot of details. Is this diesel? Locking differentials? Lift? All original suspension and tires?
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    LAND ROVER Overland Rig (sold)

    Locking differentials???
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    Jeep Grand Cherokee WK (2005-2010) as ExPo vehicle

    My only issue/complaint is that the aftermarket for WK’s is very limited. I found rock rails (JCR) and skid plates (Goliath). 4XGuard had major aftermarket protection but, is now focusing strictly on upper control arms. CB Engineering has great engine upgrade parts (I have purchased several...
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    Jeep Grand Cherokee WK (2005-2010) as ExPo vehicle

    My 2007 JGC 3.0L diesel Limited has QD2.....
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    yes, an OM605 or OM606 (with 603 injector pump)! But only you can decide if the expense out weights the benefits....
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    2007 Grand Cherokee 3.0L 4x4 (WK)

    I had to replace the bolts ~$10 for six. the local jeep store had to order but could get them! After all those miles, heat and a generous supply of lock-tight (?) they had to be replaced and could not be salvaged... If you contact Christian directly he may still have the piece from the back...
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    2007 Grand Cherokee 3.0L 4x4 (WK)

    it was leaking oil... FYI - the exhaust elbow, from the back of the turbo, is a very soft malleable metal, it is on nation wide back order (CODE for they do not make anymore!). luckily in the past i order pieces from CB-engineering that make all kinds of engine modifications for the WK. I...
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    2007 Grand Cherokee 3.0L 4x4 (WK)

    as soon as i get it back from having a new turbo installed....
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    if you keep the lift 40mm or less is considered optimal and nothing else is required. I studied all the forums and they all say keep the lift under 40mm
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    I have had my 250GD for ~4 years. I searched all the forums and then added an Old Man Emu HD shocks/Viking Offroad HD springs for a 40mm (~1.5inch) lift and switched tires to 235/85 R16. Using my GPS device, on a flat road I can hit 80MPH. Hills are a different story!!! If you are in an...
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    2007 Grand Cherokee 3.0L 4x4 (WK)

    I only have ~150K. I added a 2" OME heavy duty springs and shocks, JBA upper control arms, and JCR rock sliders. Next up is armor although JBA offroad has stopped producing/selling their popular 4XGuard line concentrating on their upper control arms - a pity! Getting setup for a trip, and...
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    2007 Grand Cherokee 3.0L 4x4 (WK)

    thank you so very much!!
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    2007 Grand Cherokee 3.0L 4x4 (WK)

    Does anyone use the Jeep WK as an offroad/overlanding vehicle? I am seeking any advice/opinions that you have concerning this vehicle. I see a plethora of videos where, using quadra-drive II, the WK can overcome almost anything. But want to hear from actual owners. So, if you own a WK...
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    W461 - 250GD - batteries

    My batteries in my 1990 250GD, W461, finally died (one was 18 years old). Noticed that the batteries are an odd size - any ideas on what/where and from whom to buy?? Any and all help will be greatly appreciated.... Thanks Rick
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    Coil spring spacers and trailing arm bushings -Mercedes G - W460,461,463

    sorry do not use Facebook at all possible to PM i have a 1990 250GD and this summer planning on traveling from Maryland USA to Moab and all points in between want to ensure ALL bushing are replaced and ready to go.... thanks
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    anyone know who makes the add on parts for this Jon Olson G?

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    Cortez Rally Raid in a GWagen???

    I have a 1990 250GD (W461) formerly of the Bundeswehr. If you are careful you can find good quality former military W461's. The only thing my G needed was a replacement fuel tank strap...
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    front seats for 1990 250gd

    any suggestions/recommendations for more comfortable front seat options for my 250gd?? also, level of difficulty of replacement... thanks, rick