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    SOLD RakAttach Swingarm for Bike Rack ( Bike rack Swing arm) $325 OBO

    List it for $400 on FB marketplace/craigslist. Someone will buy it at that price.
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    2020 Husqvarna TE300i

    Man I’d like that strapped to the back of my Motorcoach… sweet bike!
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    8’ Wildernest Camper *Reduced Price - $600*

    Is the truck for sale too??
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    18x9 Method MR701 HD Bronze 8x6.5 Ram 2500 3500 Chevy SOLD

    4 x Method MR701HD 18x9 8x6.5 bolt pattern. Mounted tires but going back to 20s and bigger tires. These are as new condition in the boxes and come with black security lug nuts. Purchased from Discount Tire for $425 per rim plus taxes. Save yourself the wait and a few hundred bucks. Located in...
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    SOLD - 2020 Ram 2500 PowerWagon Olive Green w/GFC AEVs 37s

    Someone want to buy a 2022 3500 HO Megacab w/ 900 miles so I can buy this?????
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    2015 Land Cruiser - Southern and Rust Free - In Wisconsin - Rock Warriors and ARB Rack - $45k

    Too high IMHO. I like that color combo and it looks in good shape but i think it’s too high for year and miles. Do you have i on ih8mud?? You’ll know REAL quick what the market is. Also, I would ditch that roof rack/basket. Most guys I know don’t want that style. It’ll help with aesthetics…...
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    (SOLD) 2018 Ram 2500 Diesel Prospector XL build w/ AT Overland Atlas Indiana

    I’d be interested in the AT for my 3500 if new owner doesn’t want it. You’re going to love the gen 4.5 HD truck…
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    SOLD !! AT Overland Atlas Ram 2500 short bed

    Im guessing by your name and the snow in the background that you are in Montana?
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    *SOLD* 2019 AT Summit Camper/Topper 10k obo

    Man this thing is awesome but so far from me. I’m in Atlanta area. I have a 3500 megacab I’m looking for a setup exactly like this....
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    WTB: RSI Smart Cap or RLD Canopy Ram 1500

    - Here you go my dude -
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    (SOLD): 2016 Tiger Bengal 4X4 Adventure Vehicle on Ford F350

    broseff - you've literally posted "Is this available?" on quite a few threads now. It might be better if you posted a "wanted" ad and listed exactly what you are after....
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    Ram 3500 High Output Cummins Build on 37's

    I should have my 22 next week. 3500 HO w rear air suspension. Can’t quite go to the lengths you did with yours but I’m going with thuren coils, fox 2.0 (w res if I can get them in a decent time frame), trac bar, and some 35s on AEVs. Thanks for posting your progress. It has helped me for sure.
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    ***WTB: Silver AEV Salta HD Wheels***BOUGHT

    I’m looking for some bronze ones....
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    ***WTB: Silver AEV Salta HD Wheels***BOUGHT They’re still up on FB...
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    Looks like Oregon is the location from the plate. “Full weight reduction” is “all emission equipment removed” hence the tuner with 5 selectable tunes.
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    SOLD: 2022 Revel 44E Mercedes Sprinter 4WD

    Sent you a message w my contact info. I can’t clearly see the tag but it looks like you’re in Oklahoma?
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    ***WTB: Silver AEV Salta HD Wheels***BOUGHT

    I might know someone that is looking to sell a brand new set of 5 with the beauty rings. Whats your budget?