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    Nobo 10.6 vs InTech explore

    Did not know the screen kit was available yet, thanks for the heads up!
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    Nobo 10.6 vs InTech explore

    Where did you mount your Propex heater? Looks interesting, saw the Rover today, really nice unit if you are looking for a teardrop alternative. Waiting for pricing and lead time on the explore. You guys have me riled up on it, thanks! I mounted it between the battery box and the Fridge slide...
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    Nobo 10.6 vs InTech explore

    Can't go wrong with InTech. I added a Propex heater and have been comfortable sleeping at 20F. I use Jegs blue race jugs and a cheap D cell water pump from the "river place"for a water supply. 120 watts of solar panel and you can camp anywhere. No warranty claims and no issues.
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    Intech RV

    Love the quality of the components and the build of our Max Flyer plus. I cut an opening and fitted a hinged door for access to the fridge from the inside, great for inclement / buggy conditions. MR Offshore, nice job! Any thoughts on installing a Propex heater in the space between the battery...