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    Astro (Safari): The perfect platform?

    Sorry to be the bearer of bad news but according to their website, CCV is no longer doing tops on Astros.
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    Cool! Winnebago Sprinter 144 4x4 Adventure Concept Introduction

    Production unit unveiled today on FB. Looks pretty sweet.
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    Interesting Van Window replacements I purchased today from a salvage Van

    They're called Pro-Access, a factory option on the GM vans, pretty neat that they are actuated with the key fob. There are a few folks with these vans over in the camper van forum.
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    2WD van in the winter/snow?

    My buddy right over the hill from you in Blue River keeps up with my AWD just fine in his 2wd E350 with snows with one exception - my very steep snow packed driveway. Assuming you can stick to maintained roads and have decent skills, its all about the tires in my experience. Just look at all...
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    Vanessa, the Jersey Girl

    Is a high top in the cards? Maybe below a rear bed is possible similar to the sprinter guys. Otherwise maybe something like this setup?:
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    N.A.R.V. - 2008 Chevy Express AWD Project

    That's surprising, the 2 benches in my 2007 are NOT interchangeable, the spacing on the mounts is different. That said, I have switched the mounts from seat to seat for my setup but that is not something I would tackle while on the road. Regarding folding, there was a guy who posted how he...
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    Sofa Bed Ideas

    This guy who has one of the more impressive homebuilds I've come across on the interwebz utilized channels on his sofa/bed:
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    Pics of your VAN! Post up!

    That is a sweet rig, what bike rack is that? That is exactly what I've been looking for assuming the door can handle the weight when open.
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    Scoutkid now has a... Vankid? Ideas for rear seats I can put a kid seat in

    First off congrats! What about adding a jump seat between the front seats like these guys did?: Obviously your mobility within the van is impeded but at least it'll postpone tearing out your interior until #2 comes along.
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    05 Tequila Safari (slow build)

    Looking good! I'm curious about the bed padding, especially the way it props up in lounge formation. Did you make that yourself?
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    FOUND Vans For Sale!

    Don't see too many of these on here, looks like a decent quality homebuild for a couple: 2014 NISSAN Recreational Vehicle RV Adventure Camper High Roof NV - $36500
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    4x4 toyota chinook camper - $5500 No affiliation, bet this guy is getting a lot of emails.
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    1995 Range Rover Sunrader Mish Mash on CL $27K :Wow1:
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    FOUND Vans For Sale!
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    New guy here with Van questions!

    You mentioned EB Ford. AWD GM vans are regular wheelbase only.
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    FOUND Vans For Sale!

    this looks neat: 1988 tiger class B motorhome 4x4 garage kept whit Awning refrigerator stove oven full kitchen sleeps 4 toilet is fully self-contained its haves good tires and runs great whit 94,000 miles many more extras call for more...
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    Pics of your VAN! Post up!

    goodbye camper van season, hello ski van season
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    2001 Ford F-450 SD Lariat Crew Cab 4WD Custom Camper $31,299 Not mine but sorta wishing it was
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    Savana/ Express Van Builds

    I've been hitting up forest roads all over CO and mine does pretty well with a small lift but you need to adjust your technique (momentum is your friend). Doesn't hurt to have a high risk tolerance for damage either. Where the lack of low really hurts you is when you need to use reverse so...
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    At a cross roads.

    just came here to second the comments on kiddos, get your setup dialed now cause let's just say they add a ton of variables. Also, 1 random thing i noticed, hitting the grocery on the way out of town tends to be so much easier then a pre-trip visit cause you're already "on vacation."