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    08 LR3 fuel/fluid recommendations

    Note UK premium is 89/91 octane in North America - different rating systems. 91 is as high as you need to go.
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    Diesel Heater Ducting? What to use?

    Mine runs at about 230F at the outlet, I used a hard flexible aluminum hose for my initial connection and it is very hot to the touch. After it hits the black it is fine.
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    Diesel Heater Ducting? What to use?

    @pappawheely PVC melts the output is quite hot
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    Post pictures of your Land Rover.

    Out for a drive with the local rover club
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    List of all North American Rover Events?

    I think you are facing an issue of most events are club based and local to their area. So my club in BC has been having a 7-8 day overland trip through southern BC the last couple of years, averaging about 1200 miles largely off-road. But there is a limit to how many trucks can go, mostly camp...
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    Post pictures of your Land Rover.

    Harrison Lake BC this feb.
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    Why disposable kitchen ware?

    I never used disposable stuff, I travel solo so a single plate, knife, fork, and maybe a spoon. A pot and frying pan to cook in. It takes very little water to wash those up maybe 1/2 a plastic water bottle (do not carry those either). A drop of soap bio-friendly soap and done, as to grey...
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    Planning a Trans-Labrador trip

    CB is pretty much dead in Canada, even most trucks run commercial VHF these days. Someone from that part of the world may chime in but it is doubtful you would make any contacts. In an act of particular government intelligence, a commercial VHF license is different than a regular ham license...
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    Are older Land Rover Discoveries really that bad? How do they compare to contemporary Toyotas?

    Well I am a Disco owner of an 04 D2, I have had it for 5 years now and the only major maintenance was head gaskets no drama there, it started running a bit hot 4 degrees above normal, and over-pressured. That was down to a poor job done by a previous owner, who cheaped out and did not get the...
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    Is the roof tent trend over?

    @Ozarker I used to sleep inside the Discovery and my Pathfinder before that. The issue became inside storage space on long offroad trips where I needed to carry spare gas. While I could pack everything in there it got tight, and I was always offloading and re-packing every day. In my case...
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    Is the roof tent trend over?

    That right there is an issue for sure, in my case my Discovery is a second vehicle. So I get home open the tent, put a lightweight tarp over top, because it seems to always be raining, then run my diesel heater to warm up and dry the tent out. And it can take a day or two, I have looked at an...
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    Is the roof tent trend over?

    I think this has been covered pretty well lots of folks bought them without much consideration during covid. Now they are not going out in the back country as much and dumping them. but I see them setup all the time in this part of country all year round @RAM5500 CAMPERTHING as to your list...
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    Planar Portable Heater Hose/Duct Storage while Traveling

    No they are not particularly insulated, but our use is very different from the short runs that are the intended use. I use a short run of stiff aluminum dryer duct and that stuff is almost too hot to touch when the heater is running full bore (5.4hz). I have not found anything better at a...
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    All in one diesel heaters

    Just a note most of the all-in ones are not weather proof. I am just building a lightweight plywood (1/4 inch) case/weather cover for mine , as bonus it will make it easier to store in the back of my Discovery 2.
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    Long road to nowhere.

    Coming down off Perkin's peak in British Columbia about 7700 Ft
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    What's your favourite frying pan? Market Research

    @Bbrreenntt I use 2 cast iron pans one has a removal handle, the other just a short handle. Both came from family and work well, the removable handle is great for storage, and the cast iron fantastic for cooking. As to buying anything else, unlikely most "modern" pan materials do not stand up...
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    Post pictures of your Land Rover.

    Perkin's peak British Columbia about 7400 FT 04 - D2
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    Fuel Economy for Overlanding

    @Yarjammer lots places up here in BC where 10 gals could be required if your range is 250-300 miles. I drive a LR Discovery II and routinely carry 5 or 10 gals of spare, but I do tend to go way out in the middle of nowhere. The biggest issues are road closures either via gate, wash out or...
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    Total Electronic Failure - deemed "totaled" 2011 LR4

    It would be odd that everything fried - however all it takes is one central component to fail an everything appears to be dead. I would wait on the diagnostics report then ask the LR dealer about the report.
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    Post pictures of your Land Rover.

    Easter long weekend, with the local LR group we followed a random FSR at the south end of Harrison Lake in SW British Columbia. Looking south down the lake.