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    E350 Cutaway 4x4 w/ DIY Pop-Top Composite Camper Box (Build Thread)

    Following. Sounds like an interesting build and some great, if challenging, parameters to work within. Will you be TIG welding the frame yourself? I would like to build out with an aluminum frame but nervous from all the comments of it being “weak” structurally, off road, over time.
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    "Squatchpod" -squaredrop camper build

    Ah good info to know! Dang. Wheel coming off sounds like a hairy scenario! Nothing a ‘squatch ain’t familiar with but still. Thanks for the thorough explanation.
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    "Squatchpod" -squaredrop camper build

    Such great work! Loving the aesthetic of your trailer. Can I ask a noob question and what/how does the bearing buddy help ? Keeps the grease more contained longer?
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    NT 5X8 Aluminum Trailer?

    The link isn’t working for me. Maybe because it’s not sold within however many miles from my location.
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    Pro-Rig V2.0 - Home Built Compact Composite Pop-up

    The Pro-Rig trailer is excellent! I’ve been thinking on a way to do this type of setup where you can swap between truck and utility trailer. Glad to hear it worked out for you without much modification. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Composite Door Jamb Material (Now Custom Entry Door)

    Definitely interested to see how you build and solve this. I’ve been searching for a double door style “hatch” for the back of my build and think I may have to just build it. Any pics of the process would be great for us visually minded!
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    Building a fully enclosed Overland trailer to be towed by a Jeep

    @OldGreen This is looking great. Any updates since Feb?
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    Bug Out Utility Trailer Build for Gladiator

    I'm in the middle of sketching up a very similar build and have no idea what I'm doing but your ideas are awesome. I'm trying to get a R9T in the trailer so my length will probably have to be a bit longer, but the rest of your concept is looking awesome. What did you consider when framing out...
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    Bug Out Utility Trailer Build for Gladiator

    Not sure about why the attachments act like that... Do you use the photo icon in the toolbar above the writing area of each post or the big paper clip "ATTACH FILES" button below? Maybe that has something to do with it.
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    DIY Overland camper trailer build: Taco_Shellter

    Been watching the videos from the start and eagerly anticipating the next installments!