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    2017 Fuso 4x4 with Total Composites Box

    I suppose you could anchor the table and chairs with L-track easily enough.
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    2017 Fuso 4x4 with Total Composites Box

    I assume you need to take down the table before driving, or is it anchored somehow? Also, how big is the fridge, how much solar, is there a fresh water tank, and what’s the total length?
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    Payload Tolerances: how close to max is too much?

    Scott and one of his guests discussed this very thing on an EP podcast. They said no more than 80 percent of GVWR.
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    Unicat Brilliant "smaller" for class 5 chassis (4x4 Dodge/GM/Ford-6x6 Gwagons/Toyota)

    I don’t see a price anywhere. I probably don’t want to know.
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    You can "go camping" with a backpack, tent, and sleeping bag. Really not the point of this listing, or this website.
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    2017 Fuso 4x4 with Total Composites Box and Subframe 20k Miles

    Where do the folding chairs and table stow away when you're driving? Also, how are the bed and side table attached?
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    Post Pics of Your Hard Side Camper!

    What problems do you now have (type, frequency, expense)?
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    Van vs Truck Camper

    I think new Sprinters will be discontinuing 4WD soon (next year?). That seems relevant. Also, what would people recommend for a muliti-year international trip in Africa and Asia (my plans eventually)? It seems like a truck camper would trump a van in that situation, or really any extended...
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    Post Pics of Your Hard Side Camper!

    How about the slide-outs? While these are great for extra space, I don't think I've ever seen them on commercial "overlanding" truck campers (e.g. OEV, AT Overland, even EarthRoamer). Presumably this is because they can be unreliable on extended overlanding trips, or they're perceived to be? I'm...
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    lifting beds?

    Excellent points.
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    ATO AterraXL composite flatbed camper (pagoda roof)

    How do you like the soft-sided containers instead of real drawers? Seems like they would be kind of a pita, especially having to remove, replace, and keep track of all those stoppers that keep them from sliding out.
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    Bliss Mobil - Base Vehicle Advice

    The Tremor package includes a rear locker, but for some reason it only seems to be offered on the 150-450.
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    And in the “It just might be overkill” department… I mean, only 118 gallons of water and 1,820 watts of solar. Oh, and two queen beds and a double bed.
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    lifting beds?

    For what it charges these days, EarthCruiser should have them standard on the FX at least.
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    lifting beds?

    Does anyone know of an expedition vehicle manufacturer that offers a lifting bed like Bliss Mobil and SLRV? That's a great use of space, but I don't know anyone else who does it.
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    Earthroamer For Sale

    How about one with the seller's engine? Trying to figure out how much 80K really is in the scheme of things.
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    Earthroamer For Sale

    Sorry for the newbie question, but how many miles (roughly) can one expect to get out of a well-maintained F-550 (say, 50/40/10 highway/side roads/off road).
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    2023 New OEV High Country Hard Wall Camper Flatbed and Fixed

    Someone at OEV told me yesterday that a 350/3500 would work.
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    Very nice F-550 rig

    One of my favorite features is the third wall system, which I haven't seen on any other pop-up. From Truck Camper Adventure's interview with the owner: Scott Mayfield: One of the features I am most proud of is the cabover third wall system. The middle wall of the accordion wall set up can be...