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    Man takes his dog, dying of cancer, on one last, epic road trip

    I finally did my trip up to Tuk this past summer. 1 of my dogs was starting to not do well. So we brought him along for the adventure. He got to taste all the creeks, lakes and even a taste of the arctic ocean, and pee in all those spots to. He passed on us 3 days from home. That was a hard one...
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    97 E350 Crestline Ambo Build/Mod

    A shark attack, that is one incident that would never cross my mine to have to deal with. My wife and I are both Canadian Ski patrol. So basically OFA III with a transportation. We always have 1 of our packs with us when camping or travelling and a inReach. Our packs sound close to your list...
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    Somebody please school me on Dually Tires and Wheels for my Ford Ambulance.

    I run the 265's on my dually E350 ambulance with a 1/2 spacer between the rims. The tires just rub on the ground contact, but even after a year they haven' shown any sign of wear. You do need to check their clearance to the leaf springs as i have seen them rub on the leafs of other ambulances.
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    Port Renfrew Winter 2022 Camping Trip

    That is a beautiful looking location. I will add that to my list to check out next time I am on the southern part of the island. I spent 2 weeks on the northern end last summer.
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    HAMBO's trailer

    That will make a cool enclosed trailer or portable sauna
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    Hummelator Off-road teardrop build

    Garage door panel all the things, coming from another door tech. Great that it has held together so well.
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    Blights 99 E350 Crestline Ambo

    Last time we used this the road was dusty on the way out and we got a lot of dust in through the rear doors. The seals look to be good but the doors don't seam to be latching tight to them. The latches are double clicking but I can still push the doors a bit tighter. I have looked but cant find...
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    HAMBO build thread

    Ouch, that sucks. My 06 F350 work truck breaks would be fine if I drove it every couple days, but if it sat for more than a weeks the calipers would seize.
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    Blights 99 E350 Crestline Ambo

    We have bee using this a lot this winter at the ski hill and for some other trips. With spring coming I need to get new tires, was looking to go to 265/75r16's if I stay with the drw. Or possibly switching to srw and 285/75r16. Has any one switched to srw before doing a 4x4 conversion.
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    I was wanting to get my spare on the back, and I have a pathfinder tire rack. Might need to borrow this idea.
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    Blights 99 E350 Crestline Ambo

    Got out for our first weekend at the ski hill. Stayed nice and warm with the heater and it dried out our gear nicely. The power system ran the instapot just fine for cooking dinners. We still need to work on more organization and a couple small wall mounted tables. When we got home I noticed a...
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    HAMBO build thread

    Looking forward to seeing your pop roof
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    Blights 99 E350 Crestline Ambo

    Got a start on the heater installation
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    Blights 99 E350 Crestline Ambo

    Thaks, I will give that a go
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    Blights 99 E350 Crestline Ambo

    Been slowly working on getting this ready for the ski season which starts on Nov 28th for us. Got out for a test night in it last weekend. The bed was nice and the kid liked his bunk. One thing I dint think of was disabling the door light activation switch, the lights are bright in the middle of...
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    Blights 99 E350 Crestline Ambo

    Question on the electrical. To turn on the accessorie power with out having to start the vehiclele, do you wire a switch to the power disconnect instead of having it wired to the oil pressure sensor?
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    Blights 99 E350 Crestline Ambo

    Have been making some slow progress. Installed an inverter and battery charger. Nothing fancy, just stuff from canadian tire. Found a leak in the roof seam, so ended up pulling the ceiling panel, insulation and lights. The insulation had a decent amount of water in it. Also opened up the right...