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    XTRALND 4th Gen 4runner V8 Build Introduction

    Looks great! Really like the 4x4 labs ladder/jerry can setup. Also like the safari snorkel, I keep debating if I should pull the trigger on one.
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    Does the 2007 V6 4Runner have enough power

    Thanks! Not hitting the trails as much as I would like, but still doing my best to. Covid has led me to tackle quite a few projects on it and it is on full time camp/off road duty now. Don't ever think I will part with it (owned it since new and still only have around 90k miles on it).
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    Does the 2007 V6 4Runner have enough power

    I have a build very similar to what you are thinking of doing (minus the RTT) and I will echo what others say about you feeling the weight. That being said it is totally doable, although you could benefit from regearing (I have 255/80/17's and have been putting it off for too long).
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    ExPo's Lexus GX470 Overland Project

    Curious to see how you plumb your trail'd tank for on board water! I actually just picked up two and am thinking through that right now.
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    FS: Sceptor Fuel Can in NorCal

    Bump! Just realized that I still have this in my garage.
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    Post up your drawer/storage system

    Thank you! I feel really good about it overall. Some small changes I would make if I did it again, but very minimal. I will try to snag some more photos tomorrow, but I am including a few below from when I was mocking everything up. The slide is from DFG Offroad. Don't have much experience...
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    Post up your drawer/storage system

    Installed my new fridge (ARB Zero 63) and drawers I built today. Still need to make my wings and filler pieces for the drawers, but almost there! Everything is made with 3/4 sande plywood and the main drawer slides are 36" 500 lbs slides from Orr & Orr. The "table" slide out is on 22" soft...
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    FS: Rear Drawer Set out of 4Runner in NorCal- $275

    Bump for a big price drop!
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    SOLD: Edgestar 43 in NorCal- $325

    SOLD Have an Edgestar 43 in nearly perfect condition that I am looking to sell. Comes with all the baskets/power cords/owners manual. The fridge also comes with tie down points installed. The only issue with the fridge is on one side the spring for the spring loaded handle went missing when I...
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    FS: Rear Drawer Set out of 4Runner in NorCal- $275

    Wanted to post up my current set of drawer and fridge slide/enclosure. I had these made a few years back by a local cabinet maker. They are made primarily out of 3/4" ply and are very very sturdy. The drawer slides are 500 lbs lock-in, lock-out and allow the drawer/fridge slide to pull out 25"...
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    WTB 4th Gen 4runner

    I know someone selling a fully built 4th gen (lockers, regeared, long travel, armor, etc...). Definitely worth checking out. Not sure if it is on expo.
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    Cayenne Turbo on 37's

    Found this while on another forum. I tried searching to see if it has been posted yet, but didn't see it. Impressive and unique rig! Definitely not something you see every day.
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    FS: Sceptor Fuel Can in NorCal

    Local pickup in San Ramon, CA Scepter Fuel Can- $50 obo I believe this color is called Field Drab. I was going to use this but ended up with three matching in Olive Drab instead. This shows typical sign of wear. I am not sure if this was previously used for Diesel or Gas, but I've included...
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    4th Gen 4Runner- Front Downey Skid, Rear Suspension

    I am going to try to keep this local pickup, but I may open it up to shipping in the future. All parts are located in San Ramon, but I am out and about in the Bay Area to Sacramento for work so I may be able to meet elsewhere. Also, I visit family down in Southern California fairly often, so if...
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    roof rack lights for setting up camp.

    Those are very cool! I will have to pick a few up. FYI, looks like they are a few bucks cheaper on Amazon. Got to love 2-day shipping.
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    4th Gen 4Runner Camburg Uniball UCA's, All Pro Springs (Bay Area, CA)

    LCA's are sold. Bump for lower price on UCA's!