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    "You Can't Get There From Here"; A Definition - Mitch's North Maine Woods Trip Report

    Thanks for sharing . I am a lifelong NH resident and have snowmobiled the area but have never explored it during the warmer months.
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    CJ5 Resto-Mod Project

    I live the truck in the background
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    Whiteduck Tents

    Thanks for the feedback. It's good that they stand behind their products. Jon
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    Whiteduck Tents

    Could you give me some details? How old is the tent how, how much was it used, how high was the wind ect I am curious because I have been looking at the kodiak tent. Thanks Jon
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    Whiteduck Tents

    I am pretty sure they are made in Pakistan when I researched them
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    Ronny Dahl's Recovery Mat Torture Test

    I watched it. Kind of extreme. 61$ for x bull still can buy a lot of replacements ,for us that aren't on a real expedition