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    Is there such a thing as too much light at camp

    I use extra lights for finding campsite at night, and setting up. Then it's lights out, and if i am feeling energetic, may setup my string lights for mood especially if campfires are banned. I don't understand why folks camp with these massive stadium lights but to each their own. Sent from my...
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    winch - yeah or nah?

    I read my post and realized i made it sound like i didnt need it since i only usednit 2x for self recovery. Quite the contrary, i go solo and go places where winch may be needed. OP doesnt sound like me so if he exercise his common sense (implying i dont lol), a winch is not needed. Majority...
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    winch - yeah or nah?

    I have two rigs both fully locked. I agree that being honest with yourself you can avoid needing a winch, and in fact if you are using both lockers then you should realize you are already pushing it to the point that you can get in a situation where a winch is your only way out (assuming solo)...
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    Elephant Hill / Needles: Advice on Rig (Tacoma)?

    Impressive to do it on a GSA! Although i've done it on an LC with 35s, i feel 33s should be about perfect, probably some minor scrapes. SOB hill can be done easier by backing up and avoiding getting turtled. Yes i got turtled and winch myself out of it on my first pass thru it (solo). Went...
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    What do you carry on your bumper?

    I have a double swingout. My must carry for long trips is gas and water. I also have a 5lb propane attached to my swingout. More water in roof rack and inside depending on how long offgrid we are. I take them all off dailying. I could technically remove the spare but i cant fit in the garage...
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    Portable camp fire grates...?

    I have a snowpeak, love it but it is the first thing to go in my pack list when i'm on a big trip simply due to weight or no good space for it. Instead i bring a simple grate i sit on top of rock pits. I still make every excuse to use the snowpeak though just for the coolness factor :) Sent...
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    Roadside assistance providers for overlanders?

    AAA gold membership gets you 100 mile tow coverage. I have one, thankfully have not had to use it
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    Tie downs for mesh type racks?

    Get some chain links so you can place your straps anywhere on the grate. The strap hooks dont fit on the grate. Any heavy loads strap on to the main bars (canoes) but i find totes and such are better strapped hug fitting (less angle on straps) to prevent sliding. I also use some rubber mat to...
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    Portable Bluetooth Speakers

    I have a sony xrs5, sounds great with long batt life. Loud enough, i can throw a camp dance party with a decent bass. It's my patio sound system. A friend gifted me a morimori old school lantern bt speaker. At first i didn't think so much of it but it turned out to be my goto chill time light...
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    270 Awning... Driver side or Passenger side?

    Driver side mostly due to tire swingout and thats the side i normally gravitate, like setting up my tent etc. I never found the occasion where i want it deployed by the road, eepecially on areas it will see any form of traffic. only backcounty use only for me. Sent from my SM-G955U using Tapatalk
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    JK(U) and JL(U) owners with an RTT I have a question

    It should be doable as long as your tent gives room to move the panel out of the way. Though i probably did it once or twice so i cant recall the experience, or at least dont remember being bothered by it. The gobi rack with a soft top is a diiferent story! Sent from my SM-G955U using Tapatalk
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    How much extra fuel do you take?

    5gal can. Empty on daytime driving but if u have to get off the main highway especially at night, i fill it up. Ive used the can a few times since having one makes me a bit overconfident skipping a gas station which then turns too, oops next gas station is still 50 miles lol. Otherwise its...
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    Can we talk coffee brewing?

    Been using aeropress lately and liking it. Sent from my SM-G955U using Tapatalk
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    Very early RTT review and questions

    1) these are times i wish i have a sprinter van, so much easier to stealth camp -- but then the places we go to remote camp is not sprinter van friendly so i'm sticking with my truck. Similar thing, we have to drive at least 12hrs to reach CO and sleeping at rest stops are inevitable. We just...
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    Tuff Stuff Ranger ANNEX REVIEW: Major leakage with new Tuff Stuff Ranger Annex

    Thanks for the detailed explanation and the pic for reference. That definitely is a lot of water. Looks like TS is doing you right! let us know the results.
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    Tuff Stuff Ranger ANNEX REVIEW: Major leakage with new Tuff Stuff Ranger Annex

    ain't that the truth. We've all been in the craziest situations and always end up nothing to show for it. But at least the memories stay.. or we hope :) if you get the chance, when you set it up again, i won't mind seeing pictures of where the leaks are coming from. I have the annex as well...
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    Roof Top Tent (RTT) Questions

    Mine is the older tuff stuff, comes with the standard ladder. What i do is just shorten the ladder and strap it at the folded/stowed position (obviously with no one upstairs). I remember seeing this in a video in one of the other similar RTTs (they all seem to be all the same build). And yeah...
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    RRT Top Heavy Jeep, suspension/sway bar suggestions

    The hellwig rear sway bar will definitely help and should not impact your unloaded ride in a big way. Also does your shock have adjustable rebound? If so try stiffening it up. Good luck! Sent from my SM-G955U using Tapatalk
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    My First Land Cruiser! (FZJ80)

    i8mud is total opposite of ih8mud :D, but yeah you'll spend all time there!
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    Some decent Plano totes at Home Depot

    Been running with these plano boxes for a while now. They are just perfect for my needs. Light, Sturdy, flexy, can stand on them, douvles as chair and table. I seal the lid not for rain but for dust. Without seal, i had no issues with water intrusion but dust always find a way. Sent from my...