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    XPCamper V2 on very low miles Ford F250 (Lake Tahoe, CA)

    Questions: (1) is the storage under the seat big enough for a portable toilet, like a wrappon ? (dimensions 15" wide, 20" deep, 16" high). How have you approached a toilet inside ? (2) what is the width and length of the seat when made into a bed ? thanks
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    Kimbo experience with custom build ?

    Anyone have, or point to, a Kimbo custom build ? What was your general experience doing that - would you do it again ? I like the Kimbo concept but the interior doesn't work for me - I'd want to do that myself. Thanks
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    2019 Overkill Camper 5 10

    A unicorn these days ... if it was the pop-up I'd be very tempted ... I believe it's an exceptionally smart design I hope somebody makes a mimic of the SO 5.10 - clearly there is demand for something just ever so slightly bigger than a "wall to wall bed" teardrop, where you can stand up and sit...
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    Help Please! Truck Camper or Trailer for Washington State

    Thanks for the recommendations I think the soft pop-ups can work, but my main interest now is in a well insulated hard side
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    Help Please! Truck Camper or Trailer for Washington State

    Thanks, I appreciate the thoughtful comments. Will take these into consideration. I would be focused on the West side of Washington and hopefully some of SWBC too ! I get your point that truck campers are more maneuverable and trailers have more storage - seems to match with what I'm seeing...
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    Help Please! Truck Camper or Trailer for Washington State

    Thanks - I saw a youtube video recently of a truck camper setup and they had the battery pole saw - they were using it extensively! I'm getting the sense there are plenty of FSR that are pretty clear - enough to keep me busy.
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    Help Please! Truck Camper or Trailer for Washington State

    No kidding on the ferry - price is triple for a truck + ~20 foot trailer, this is definitely a concern of mine - that's another reason why I started to look at campers. There is an "over height" penalty, but not as severe as "over length" - good point.
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    Spacekap Diablo 6 Build

    I appreciate you providing insight on your SpaceKap build and the details on the issues/problems you encountered with the Diablo. Definitely gives me pause as I was short listing a SpaceKap build as an option for me. Question - did you attach the extrusion cabinetry to anything ? or is it...
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    Help Please! Truck Camper or Trailer for Washington State

    Thanks for the perspective. and your experience. I like the look of your setup - nice. What attracts me to a camper is : (1) Not towing - - towing isn't horrible but towing is a thing requiring constant attention (2) More compact vehicle - half the length of a vehicle + trailer, a trailer seems...
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    Help Please! Truck Camper or Trailer for Washington State

    I need some basic comforts (stand up) and a bit of "hang out" space - so I've discarded truck toppers, roof top tents, cargo trailers, teardrop "bed only" trailers. I've picked out a truck camper (6.5 feet, 1300 lbs) and an off-road capable trailer (19 feet long, 4000 lbs) - I've got the truck...
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    Tribe EX500

    This trailer was at Overland Expo Mountain West - see it in youtube video at the Expo Priced clearly at $55,000 - - pretty attention getting price (Lithium standard) I don't know about the tongue being too short issue, but I'm concerned about all the things that could go wrong - many moving...
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    Spacekap Diablo Four Season Camper

    The entry doors on the SpaceKap are nearly worth the price all on their own - awesome. However, it's a big leap to give up the built-in backup camera in the tailgate. How are you managing around that? Is the diesel heater feeding from the truck or is there a small separate tank? I assume the...
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    Finding the Best Vessel for Camping

    Yes, mods - agree! 😼 I'll include that on the next iteration.
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    Finding the Best Vessel for Camping

    Thanks for sharing. The post was meant to be humorous but with a kernel of truth. I imagine you've seen a large part of the country by now. Best of luck to you in the new trailer.
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    Finding the Best Vessel for Camping

    I'm in STEP 3 - in line for an off-road trailer build. Meanwhile I keep reviewing the lower and higher cost categories and offerings to get comfortable I haven't overlooked something "better". That Trail Marker looks great in the picture - very nice.
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    Finding the Best Vessel for Camping

    Being in the middle (?) of the hunt for the perfect camping vessel (in the succinct words of JP Ross, Owner of Trail Marker, "I needed a vessel, or portal of some kind to get me ... into the wilderness"), the end-to-end process is becoming clear to me. From my now "eyes open" perspective the...
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    Financing a Canadian trailer

    EPO, awesome. These forums shine when people share their real experiences. Thanks for the insights and I'm glad to hear it's working well for you.
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    Financing a Canadian trailer

    Have you been off-road / down rough trails with the Arkto yet ? How was it from that aspect ?
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    2020 F350 w/ Loki ICARUS 8ft Basecamp $135K (Woodbridge, VA)

    Undeniably sweet setup - - couple of questions: 1) in a YouTube video of this rig (pretty sure), it looked like the 6 foot one host was not able to fully stand up - how is the standing height? does the demo unit have less interior height than current production? 2) does the standard, thin...