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    Mercedes Overland Building/Tuning

    Any updates? This thread has been very helpful/educational. Mainly in that it has me very wary of trying to go the used Euro firetruck route without doing a LOT more research and developing service/supplier contacts in Europe.
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    2003 Sterling/Freightliner SC8000 Cargo- Cummins, allison & custom marmon-herrington 4x4: perfect blank canvas for heavy overlander

    Yes! That SS is more in line with what I was picturing- it just looks right. I've been baffled at the lack of overlanders based off of these Cummins 5.9 trucks and all of the differently branded variants, but it's probably down to how rare the 4x4 equipped trucks are. I'd take this over an LMTV...
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    2003 Sterling/Freightliner SC8000 Cargo- Cummins, allison & custom marmon-herrington 4x4: perfect blank canvas for heavy overlander

    I found the identical twin of this vehicle for sale in PA, right down to the orange flatbed. Half the miles but double the price! Were you going to leave the wheels as is or convert to Super Singles? How tricky is it to unlock that 6th speed?
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    ***sold***2013 Built Toyota Tacoma TRD 4x4 Auto $27,000 Albuquerque, NM

    Interior pics, some underside shots, as well as the engine bay, are basic sales 101.
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    2022 Toyota SR5 Super 4x4 Overland Off-Road Expedition Camper - $137,500 located near Boston, MA

    It can be compared to every vehicle you mention, but there's one major difference and it's not the price. GLWTS
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    1120 AF Build in Norway

    Hope your recovery is speedy. What's with the backwards fins?
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    37's vs 40's for Fuso FG Build

    I know you've been busy at your fab shop, did you ever get to play with the Hey Wheels as a budget solution?
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    Oshkosh P-19 Crash Truck

    I gotta ask- what's the mileage like? What's your ground clearance? Have you been able to weigh it after stripping it down?
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    Eva build. 2004 International 4300

    Looks like a great platform. It's not 4wd is it?
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    2023 Ascender built by 27North out of Springfield, MO

    I Like the JATO jet pack- really outside the box thinking there
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    Cummins British Military Expedition Truck

    I remember this from your first tiny home video- cozy, smart build! Is the box bolted directly to the frame or does it have a zero torsion subframe? What does she weigh fully loaded?
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    Lowly the Lorry. . .

    I get nervous when awesome build threads dry up. I'm assuming you're in your work season and hopefully will be able to update soon. Incredible fabbing you've done. I love the details like the end caps with lights. Impressive truck. Seeing Lowly right after you purchased it reminded me of a...
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    Ford E350 or E450 as an platform for a TC box?

    I'm curious to know if you ended up going through with this because I was thinking about a similar build. I know a mechanical engineer with enough vehicular smarts that I could commission him to design a torsion system if needed, but I wondered if you stuck with the E450 and got a frame designed.
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    One of a kind 2003 E550 4x4 7.3 power stroke Diesel 4R100 transmission 70 thousand miles

    Is this factory 4x4 or a conversion? Are you asking $75k? Your ad is a little unclear.
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    Better overlanding 'truck' options in today's market for <$100K (USD)?

    Did you ever end up getting a vehicle, or are you still trying to choose between a Mog and a Grenadier?
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    Leyland DAF T244

    Not sure why this got no responses. They've gone everywhere in their DAF, and it looks to be a great build.
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    2002 Mitsubishi Fuso FG649 4x4 rust free Florida truck $17,500 obo

    Try posting some pics and you might get more interest. None of your links work.
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    What stopped my hardside on Elephant Hill

    I'm assuming that "The Squeeze"/"The Pinch" is where you scraped? I've wondered about the height to get through there. I haven't done E Hill in over a decade and have been curious about the size limits in that and a couple of the narrow turns.