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    1997 FZJ 80 Landcruiser (expedition style, mechanically refreshed) $15k - OBO

    Good luck with the sale - I am quite curious as to the make/model of the center console fridge if you don't mind. Been considering doing something similar in my RRC.
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    1995 Land Rover Discovery 300Tdi

    Listed on BringaTrailer right now: 1995 Land Rover Discovery 300Tdi. This is a right hand drive vehicle imported from the UK in late 2020, and been in my ownership since 2021. It's had a complete refresh of suspension with all OE...
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    "Look how they massacred my boy" - or, rather, a 1989 Range Rover Classic Seller is asking $10k for this. I can't even.
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    Post pictures of your Land Rover.

    Not the best pic, but got a polish and wax today. First proper detail since I bought it, and really compliments the new bumpers and winch.
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    FrontRunner Accessories

    PM'ed you about the tent mount kit.
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    Napa awning

    Per a recommendation in another thread, I just purchased one. It came to $79.99 ordering online to pick up in-store with a coupon from the Honey browser extension. Not sure what the code was... it may have been HONEYCOUPON, however what came up on the order said "SMS Promo". At that price it's a...
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    Irwin the 1995 Disco (200tdi and 5 Spd swapped)

    Seeing that pic with the floor painted all the way to the back really makes me want to do the same. How many hours would you say it takes to remove the passenger and rear seats and get the floors prepped and painted? Wonder if it's something I can do in a weekend...
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    Irwin the 1995 Disco (200tdi and 5 Spd swapped)

    As a new diesel D1 owner myself, definitely following this thread. I live in NE FL and hope to get over to Ocala National Forest soon. Any particular spots you'd recommend?