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    1997 Mitsubishi Fuso Canter JDM right hand drive 4wd 4d35 4.6l Diesel $44k

    Curious how this gets '18 mpg' when other Fuso 4x4s get 10-12?
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    Fuso FG w/ ATW Suspension sold ATW Singles are still available 2500

    I meant the truck, but I see you just added a price.
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    16" Syncro Converted/Joker Interior

    54 pics here - I know the previous owner and have a body shop's worklist of everything it needs, extensive, for anyone that would like to know. FWIW, I also made an offer at this level that was refused, which is baffling.
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    No affiliation Doka 4X4 RV

    See: '80 kph' sticker on the back, 50 mph. No Sprinter ever came with that engine or anything resembling it. ;)
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    2000 Aprilia Pegaso 650 dual-sport $3200

    2000 Aprilia Pegaso 'Cube' 650cc dual sport. I've owned this one for about nine years and it just doesn't get ridden enough any more. The Pegaso uses the reliable Rotax 650cc single cylinder, twins carbs, twin exhaust, five-valve head. The bike has 15,000 miles, most of that put on it by my...
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    1987 VW Syncro in Colorado

    Not THAT desirable to pay 3X actual value. :Wow1:
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    Fuso FG camper on eBay
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    Inexpensive Pinzgauer
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    And now, something a bit different: 1977 Dodge SportsmanTioga
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    Fuso FGs for sale (All internet finds)

    That one on eBay is down to $15k :coffeedrink:
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    84 westy vanagon Carolina beach NC

    Too bad the owner doesn't understand it's NOT a Westfalia.
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    Truck Fridge sale. Prices only visible in checkout.

    They still have not released photos or any information other than, 'we have them in the warehouse'. I'm hoping very soon, because I plan to use one in my own build.
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    Bucher Duro. 6x6 for sale.

    Let me make it a little easier to understand. The truck is already imported into the USA. But it's NOT actually legal to import, under any circumstance, for more than a not sure how the got around that one. I just want[ed] to buy it. I'll deal with registering or 'licensing' it in...
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    Bucher Duro. 6x6 for sale.

    That's the confusing part. Apparently it's already here (see photo, it's in front of a US address, so imported already?) but not possible to title/tag- according to them.
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    Bucher Duro. 6x6 for sale.

    The seller wouldn't even talk to me about it, because it couldn't be 'legally imported'. But it's already here?
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    Truck Fridge sale. Prices only visible in checkout.

    FYI, there will be several new, larger steel-body models available soon, some with separate freezer sections. Watch my site for pricing.
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    Truck Fridge sale. Prices only visible in checkout.

    Eh? Are you sure you called me? I'm a one-man operation and don't recall ever hearing about this, nor would I ne 'kinda rude'. FWIW, though, all warranty issues are covered directly by Truckfridge.
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    InssssssssVANity!!!!!!!......or ****** did I just fly to Maine to by a Sprinter!

    Gearing was greatly changed by adding 5" taller tires, so mine (2003, SHC, 2.7-5) has noticeably less power. It would have towed fine with stock tires. The Syncro didn't create much extra wind drag and the driveline is out so it's all mostly gearing related. The 'test' was only a 5-mile loop on...