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    AmbuLand build thread

    Longtime lurker, have really enjoyed your thread. That locking compartment may of also been designed to store narcotics. At my FD each ambulance has a small locking compartment where we keep our pain and sedation meds. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    1990 Roamin' Chariot Pop-Up Camper PROJECT

    SOLD 1990 Roamin' Chariot Pop-Up Camper PROJECT $400 or make an offer. Aluminum frame pop-up camper for sale. Similar construction to Four Wheel or ATC campers. It was my project until I just purchased a FWC at a price too good to pass up last week. I was in the middle of converting the roof...
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    I Bought This 8' Pop-up Yesterday - Hopefully a Diamond in the Rough

    Looks like a great camper! Where did you source the linear actuators from? I am in the process of replacing a lift system on my Roamin' Chariot and they look like a good way to go. Have they held up well to wind/snow etc?