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    Turns out I need a real truck. Kindly help me choose one!

    It's normal, Small things and me rolling hard at times. Id give it 9 out of ten.
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    Turns out I need a real truck. Kindly help me choose one!

    The payload is why I switched to a 1 ton. I started with small trucks, went to 1/2 ton then jumped to 1 ton long bed. I travel in Baja and Mexico and went with gas, easier parts and getting it worked on. I don't pull anything. I have overhead rack on top of a Sung Top. It's a Ram but getting...
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    Want to buy Offroad / heavy duty Front Bumper for 2014 RAM 2500

    They built my honey badger with a cattle guard, I don't know if they still make the honey badger anymore. I would call.
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    Want to buy Trail Ready or similar design bumper for 2004 Dodge Ram 2500

    I own an Advanced Desert Designs, Honey Badger with ranch guard. I think they still make them.
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    Want to buy Offroad / heavy duty Front Bumper for 2014 RAM 2500

    Have you checked out Advanced Desert Designs?
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    Stronger tarp than Kelty Noah?

    Try Tarps now or Trap supply look for 18oz scrim. They are square but are bomb proof.
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    Cook Partner Stove Owners Chime In!

    I have had a 2 burner for years and love it. I have owned many stoves both backpacking and car models, these are the best Car units on the market, hands down. Mine will be pasted down to family after I leave this earth. I do carry a extra o-ring for the feed, I have never needed it.
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    Who Still uses cast iron while traveling?

    Cast iron is very inefficient as a heat conductor which is its beauty. It takes quite a lot of fuel to heat, once hot it will retain heat for quite a while. It does very well on open fires and has been used on them for many decades. All pans have their place, aluminum, stainless, carbon steel...
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    Are older Land Rover Discoveries really that bad? How do they compare to contemporary Toyotas?

    Land Rover, "Proudly turning Owners into Mechanics as long as they have made them.
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    10L "Jerry can", 11L Dometic "Go Hydration" or Rotopax for water?

    Water Block or Bricks for their win! I don't have any but if was going to purchase new water containers these are what I would buy. My water containers are 40 year old 2 gal water jugs we used on El Capitan. pretty built proof, but they are round a a little funky size wise.
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    Any lovers of shooting with scopes here?

    Look at Tract rifle scopes, they sell direct and have Schott HD glass. Outstanding value.
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    Advice on 1996 Toyota T100 SR5 camper upgrades

    I would contact Deaver Spring in Santa Ana.
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    LED Headlight Upgrade vs LED Light Bar

    Everybody will look at this differently. I went with Baja Designs XL lights a single powerful long-range and 2 mid range mounted on the front bumper. They were the brightest available at the time. They are slaved off the high beams, they go off when I turn the highs. They work great. I am...
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    Leer, ARE, other?

    I have owned 3 Snugs and like them a lot. They are laid up not blow fiberglass, super strong, I walk on mine loading my kayak all the time. Having said that I would look at a super cab, strong, metal will support a massive amount of weight. they don't match the truck as well but I'll take...
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    Alternatives to heavy dark canvass awning walls

    Go with a Polyester over nylon in that case. Nylon breaks down with UV light, most high end tents use Poly for the flys these days. Look for awning company in you area.
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    Alternatives to heavy dark canvass awning walls

    Try a 10 or 12 oz Vinyl scrim white would be the brightest inside. There are truck tarps made out of the stuff. the open big rigs use a 16oz to 20 oz vinyl. Shelter-rite is a name that comes to mind but I think it is 18 or 20oz. talk to a company that makes truck tarps in your area. I had...
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    Dry Ice in Cooler In Van

    I use dry ice regularly, I dry camp and can put ice in you cocktail for 12 days. It put blocks and proteins in a separate super chest with the dry ice on top wrapped in a unsealed trash bag. All the other food goes in a different chest. I only open the dry ice once a day to pull blocks and...
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    F-550 super duty hydrogen fuel cell electric truck?

    You haven't been following what is going on in the trucking world, Cummings is working on both a Hydrogen internal combustion motor and Fuel cell trucks, Freight liner is working on a fuel cell trucks. GM is developing both technologies also. Who ever figures the trucking part of EV first will...
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    I don't have a dog in this and like the ride with the upgrades, has the goose gear also been added in to the price you all are saying doesn't add up. Everything is a trade off.
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    3 Weeks in Baja – Surfing, SUPing and Dirt Roading

    I do love Baja started going in '62 as a kid. I used to live by the greed "share the stoke not the name." I have given up, I still don't share but no longer try to quiet anybody. I gave up when I was remote and saw a Gaia map and route. Whatever secrets I though there went up in smoke. As a...