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    Suzuki Owners; Let's see your ExPo Trucks

    Just picked this up last weekend. 86, basically unmolested but pretty neglected and 30s on stock suspension and gearing are not ideal. Planning to make it a reliable daily driver, light trail rig and short trip overlander.
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    Comparison of these campers

    Timely thread as I am looking at the various options in a pop-up for my GMC Canyon ECLB. Looking for something that does not completely eliminate using it for truck things, not just camping.
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    Chevy Colorado or GMC Canyon Setups

    Question for those of you Gen 2 owners with toppers that extend over the cab (i.e GFC) or roof racks- What are you doing about the radio antenna?
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    New Bronco

    My local dealer has a base model in stock, if my Canyon is a total this may be the replacement.
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    Building some Baja Divide Bikes from our fatbikes

    You should come ride the Oregon Timber Trail- roughly 670 miles, 60% single track crossing Oregon from south to north.
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    97 Trooper w/ seized engine worthwhile?

    I have a chance to pick up a 97 Isuzu Trooper with a seized engine for $200. Straight body, interior looks decent. No obvious modifications. Current owner let the oil get too low and now the engine is toast. Any ideas what it would cost to get either a replacement engine or the current one...
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    "CHUCK" 1998 Chevy Suburban K2500 Build

    Nice starting point. I'm looking for something similar, with similar ideas for the build, so I will be watching your thread.
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    GDMTBR Anybody do it?

    In 2013 I made an attempt at the Tour Divide. It didn't work out as planned, but I do have some insight regarding the first 1,000 miles or so. Bike- KISS. I rode on an aluminum hardtail that I had converted to drop bars with Genevale shifters and cable brakes. No particular complaints with the...
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    I'm a two year lurker, new as an active contributer to the forums. Curious, does ExPo have a...

    I'm a two year lurker, new as an active contributer to the forums. Curious, does ExPo have a bicycle specific sponsor? If not, what is involved in sponsorship? I own a new and small but growing bike shop in Lakeview, OR and am personally an avid touring cyclist and bikepacker. I'm interested...