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    Sold! FrontRunner feet 40-50 mm BNIB

    Sold!!!I have 2 sets (4 total) of FrontRunner feet 40-50mm. Went with a taller option. will work with wedge campers like Super Pacific. 100.00 shipped
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    SOLD!!!Super Pacific X1 March/April completion

    Color and vehicle model locked as it went in to production late December.
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    SOLD!!!Super Pacific X1 March/April completion

    Purchased a Super Pacific build spot in Dec. 2021 paid deposit and 75% down on Dec 22nd 2021. Should be completed end of March early April 2022. Currently for long bed Tacoma 1st gen, but is interchangeable with 2nd and 3rd gen. Looking to transfer to interested party. Have chosen black canopy...
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    *SOLD* GP Factor Alu-Cab Canopy Camper Drop Table (2 available, $150 each + shipping)

    Need info on that diesel heater and flume.
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    WTB Super Pacific (build found)

    Looking for a build spot or used Super Pacific topper 6' Tacoma.
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    **SOLD**for Sale-2019 AT Overland Summit camper-fits 6’ bed mid-sized trucks. ($8,500)

    How difficult is it to mount to a 1st gen Tacoma? Or is it possible?