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    JoeTRD Overland/Trail build

    Hello Joe, I sent you a PM, fellow Canadian here in the GTA, interested to here where you source your parts and who you get to install them. Thanks, Corey
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    TRD Pro

    Not sure if you are interested but take a look on the Toyota Canada website, They are already advertising these for Tacos only. Apparently (in Canada anyways), the TRD Pro is only available in the Access Cab and the TRD Sport is only available in the Double Cab. Certainly wish they...
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    In search...canoe rack ideas/photos

    Hello FAW3, Similar to Louisd75 andFlagster I would recommend putting one crossbar on your cap and one crossbar on your cab. Here is my kayak set up. My canoe set up is similiar, except I use the cab mounted bar and the front cab mounted bar instead of the back. I have yakima tracks on my cap...