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    Scout Camper

    I thought the plywood looked good in the photos as well, in person there are a lot of voids on the edges of the ply and the edges were quite rough, I assumed they used CNC on the plywood, you’d probably know better with your experience?
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    Scout Camper

    Apologies, I posted my answers in the quotes, new to this forum and haven’t figured out the best way to reply to a list of questions/statements.
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    Scout Camper

    the Dickenson heater is cool, but is there no thermostat on it? Four Wheel Campers were RV quality interiors for a long time, they have raised their quality a lot in the last handful of years and are now leaning more toward a marine type interior. I look forward to hearing more about your...
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    Total Composites Slide In Camper Kits

    Is it possible to do a radius front (like the Scout) or is a front cap required?
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    Scout Camper

    Obviously you have to see one and decide for yourself. I really wanted to be impressed by the Scout.
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    Scout Camper

    I finally got to see a Scout Olympic at my local dealer today. I’m afraid to say that my impression is exactly what I hoped it wasn’t going to be. The general concept and layout are good, the shell is good, the jacks are great, the interior and workmanship are RV quality. If you are on...
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    FabworX UK coming to the USA

    Sorry, but that website is a mess.
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    INTRODUCING THE GOAT SHELL!!! A lightweight hard sided popup up camper shell.

    For **********************, just tell the guy you’re interested or not, he’s not looking for business advice he needs to show interest so he can move to the next phase with his idea.
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    Scout Camper

    I’d love to find some real opinions as well. I’m interested in these campers but am quickly becoming irritated with the company as it seems all marketing hype with very little to show. Their Kanai model is little more than a CAD rendering, but they act like it’s the real thing. When I contact...
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    Scout Olympic vs Kenai

    Great info. I am in the same boat as I have a family of 4+ dog and we have been adventuring in a FWC Grandby for 6years. Love the small profile, hate braking everything down and the lift system is ******** with any snow on the top. With that said, I look forward to hearing your updates and hope to...