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    2021 Boreas XT w/upgrades! *Price Drop!*

    What a/c unit could be set up and where would it go? I live in S. Carolina so need a/c for summer trips. Thanks.
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    FS 2014 Schutt XV1

    I am interested. No water tanks or batteries/electric stuff?
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    2019 Off Grid Trailers Pando 2.0 $34,000

    I take it you do not have the wiring pre-installed for an air conditioner? i live in the deep south so that is an issue for me. thanks, Stuart
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    SOLD: Price Drop- Fully Loaded XV2 Trailer $16,999

    is this sold or just a pending sale? thanks
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    Want to Buy - Located in NC: time share Bruder EXP-4 - PM me if interested to share?

    I would be interested in joining a group to do this...
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    SOLD: 2017 XVenture XV-3 Deluxe Plus Loaded

    I could be intereested...I live in Bluffton SC...are you headed this way after Florida? Thanks, Stuart email is: