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  1. Scott B.

    Camper Shells: your experiences and suggestions

    I bought my SnugTop from here - Mid-America Truck Tops Good service. They also carry Leer and Century (since SnugTop was purchased by Leer recently.)
  2. Scott B.

    Scott B.'s 2015 AC Build - Expo Style

    A final shot of the completed, painted carrier assembly. An additional thing I had to do was weld an additional brace in the bumper. The weight of the tire combined with the leverage of the arm caused the wrap-around part of the bumper to flex - a lot. So much, that I did not carry the tire...
  3. Scott B.

    Scott B.'s 2015 AC Build - Expo Style

    Rear Bumper Tire Carrier and Fuel Can Swingouts, Part II Tire carrier assembled, test fitting on the truck. I bent and welded a piece of metal to the bottom of the swingout to act as a stop. This turned out to be a great place to mount the latch mechanism. Both swingouts in the...
  4. Scott B.

    Scott B.'s 2015 AC Build - Expo Style

    Rear Bumper Tire Carrier and Fuel Can Swingouts I haven't updated this thread for a while, but I have been working on the truck. A while back, I completed the tire carrier swingout, and plan to complete the fuel can swingout this week. While this carrier looks like many others, I...
  5. Scott B.

    Tire Carrier Hinges - again

    I use 2x2 .120 wall. My Ranger had a single, full width swing out with a tire and Hi-Lift. My Tacoma has a dual setup, with a 33" tire on one side, and 2 fuel cans on the other. I think .120 wall will be plenty strong - maybe 2x3 for the horizontal, depending on the length.
  6. Scott B.

    LeRoy's LittleGuy Silver Shadow Modifications

    I see you have been keeping your thread up to date, as have I. :( We've towed our trailer about 35,000 miles, and have never had any problems. I even towed it up to Cerro Gordo, before it was sold. How is your axle lift working out? Good, I'm sure. New tow vehicle? Have you changed the...
  7. Scott B.

    Off Road Camp Trailer Build

    Longer springs would help as well.
  8. Scott B.

    Scott B.'s 2015 AC Build - Expo Style

    Dual Batteries, Part III I want to be able to monitor the state of both batteries, especially when the truck is not running (camping, etc.) Being old school, I like analog gauges. I decided to add two Autometer voltmeters (gauges), to match the ones I mounted on the A-pillar. As with all...
  9. Scott B.

    Freeze dried hash browns - who else likes them?

    I have never formed a cake with mine. I always stir quite often when cooking them. Stir, flip, agitate - pick a word. I also add diced onion and a lot of times a diced meat (bacon, leftover ribs, etc.) - but that doesn't really answer your question. ;)
  10. Scott B.

    SOLD: TPMS Sensors, 2015, Toyota Tacoma (and others)

    One is still available
  11. Scott B.

    FS: Chevy Tow Hooks

  12. Scott B.

    Scott B.'s 2015 AC Build - Expo Style

    CV Axle Rebuild After 100,000 miles, a hole in one of the boots, CV axle grease all over the front suspension, it was time to rebuild the CV axles. I considered just replacing them, but OEM ones are quite expensive, and aftermarket ones are of varying quality and I didn't want to take a...
  13. Scott B.

    Scott B.'s 2015 AC Build - Expo Style

    Winch Part of the reason of adding the front bumper was to mount a winch. I decided to go with a Warn VR-10S (second gen). I thought about a Zeon, but determined the added cost, size and weight were not necessary for my intended use. The winch is wired directly to the battery, power to the...
  14. Scott B.

    Blue Sea ACR Wiring Question

    Using an adjustable regulator should work for you just fine. BTW, I am running 2 of those Odysseys in my Tacoma.
  15. Scott B.

    Blue Sea ACR Wiring Question

    Look on the battery label - it will say what the recommending charging voltage is. I believe it is 14.5v or so. Your alternator, at 13.9v, will never charge the Odyssey to full charge. Search for "schottky diode". There are various ways to use one of these (depending on your vehicle's...
  16. Scott B.

    Scott B.'s 2015 AC Build - Expo Style

    Dual Batteries - Part 2 I did a fair amount of research while designing this system. I had originally planned to utilize a ML-ACR to isolate and control the batteries. Simple, solid and reliable. And, that is the setup I had in my previous truck. However, it turns out we have "smart"...