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  1. revor

    Another expedition truck on portals...

    So Pretty!
  2. revor

    DEFENDER 130 I might be selling soon

    Say it isn't so Kevin!!! I have to say that I too have experienced life changes that are making new decisions for me... Going from Red to Blue will be tough but a good choice in the end..
  3. revor

    Camper and Truck Photos

    New Camping rig! Howdy folks. While I'm not new here (I used to live over on the Rover forum) I used to be a Slide in camper guy years ago due to the simplicity durability and comfort!!! Over the years we did more "expeditioning" Using Roof top tents and a sweet little trailer with a RTT...
  4. revor

    Looking into a Rover to swap in an Isuzu 4bd1t

    There's a clean D1 at Land Rover Roaring fork with a blown motor. Probably have it for a couple hundred bucks.
  5. revor

    Universal Land Rover Wiring Diagram

    I have thins symbol in my wiring diagram, I don't know what it means....
  6. revor

    Overland Journal: Discovery I, 5-speed

    UJ's travel in a elliptical rotation when they are not running straight. In a single cardon type shaft (only two UJ's) the angles between the two joints must remain within 5 degrees, otherwise the ellipse at the front joint is different enough from the ellipse at the rear joint to cause vibes...
  7. revor

    Anyone use a '84-'85 Defender as a Dailey Driver?

    Every single day I drive my Defender (s) Wouldn't have it any other way. The 90 is a hoot and the 110 is an RV, our "fancy" car is a mildly modded D1... For errands and around town a 90 is hard to beat! I'd at least look to get a 200Tdi though.
  8. revor

    Special Edition Disco?

    It's basically a stripped version of a standard disco with cloth seats and yellow paint.. Nothing special in the driveline the only cool part aside from being pretty rare is there are no holes in the roof aside from the alpine windows. Oh and they have a front skid plate (I have one for sale) If...
  9. revor

    Special Edition Disco?

    And Camel trophy trucks are sandglow
  10. revor

    Empire Defender

    Looks like one of those situations where the guys riding in the back question what the heck the driver has gotten into now....
  11. revor

    ok guys an offer

    I'd do that!
  12. revor

    Overland Journal: Discovery I, 5-speed

    I'm of the opinion that you will benefit more by swapping the diff gears. While the 1.4 high range will give you the same (similar enough) final drive ratio as 4.1's in high range the final drive in low range is no lower. If you swap the gears and maintain the 1.2 high range the final drive in...
  13. revor

    Land Rover U-joints

    To the missing zerk thing. I run 1310 joints in all my trucks. That's given me the opportunity to try an experiment using sealed joints. One truck has sealed the other greasable. I hate to say it but it's 1 to 0 in favor of the sealed. I'll be honest the sealed are in Karen's Disco but she...
  14. revor

    ok guys an offer

    Oh the list I have....... I need a couple clutches HD versions! A TD5 manual tranny, a pas pump for a 300 X2. A water pump for the same... However if you run across a reasonably priced full width intercooler for a 300 I'd be thrilled!:sombrero: Most her know I'm good for it.:victory:
  15. revor

    Critical Spares List: Discovery I

    Don't forget extra accelerant!
  16. revor

    Windiw Issue

    Go overt to and look around for the window ecu repair. These little units have horrible solder joints and after time require repair. Aw heck this is easier
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    You need one!
  18. revor

    Passage of Hope in Iceland

    Cool! Be sure to upload a bunch of pics with your trip report!
  19. revor

    Any built 300tdi D1 owners here?

    Likely the biggest issue is the full width IC, it ran cooler without that in place. But the EGT's went higher sooner. I will give the fan a beating with the newspaper and see what's up next. Not sure of the thermostat I know it opens, i don't know if it's the proper version.
  20. revor

    Any built 300tdi D1 owners here?

    Fan should be good, the clutch is brand new less than a year ago. We're talking heavy loads here, on a "normal" 95 degree day she hovers at about 190 at 75. If I loose the Roof Rack and the Tent we do even better.