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    It's been a minute

    Looking great! Stance is on point!!!!!
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    Timbren Axle-less for Long Trip?

    Give us a shout when you are ready! We try to be as active on forums as we can! Thanks!
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    Timbren Axle-less for Long Trip?

    Depends on what you are looking for?! This suspension is incredibly reliable. We do see people carrying spare spindles just in case they hit something that causes the outboard arm to bend or crack. 4 bolts and the outboard arm comes off the main suspension hanger.
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    Timbren Axle-less for Long Trip?

    Hey! Our Axle-Less suspension is a durable suspension that has been tested and used in extreme off road conditions. Depending on your overall trailer load - if you are closer to 3500lbs, maybe around 2500lbs ,little less...little more, it will ride very smooth. These suspensions are not...
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    Trailer build ideas? Here’s my base trailer….

    We recommend running the 3500 HD series of suspensions, especially if you plan on taking it off-road at all. It will also allow you to pick out some longer spindle arms to accommodate wider wheels and tires.
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    5 x 8 Cargo Trailer Conversion-made in Texas.

    Love this!! Great work on this build.
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    Timbren Suspension on Cricket

    Hi @Pzardeneta, pumped that you've joined the Timbren family and purchased yourself an Axle-Less trailer suspension. That being said, we do not advise you to install the suspension backwards. It was not designed or intended to be used in that manner. If you have some more specific questions...
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    Versatile off road open utility/camping trailer build

    Hi @gatorgrizz27, That is correct, the rubber springs in the system have a progressive spring rating so the more pressure/weight you push on them the more they will want to resist that weight and spring up. So that shouldn't be an issue.
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    Versatile off road open utility/camping trailer build

    ya, the Silent Ride suspension is pretty much the big brother of our Axle-Less trailer suspension. We also offer fully equalized tandem axle models of the Silent Ride. If Ground clearance isn't something you're desperate for then it's a great option.
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    Versatile off road open utility/camping trailer build

    Love what you're doing with this build. And great use of our Silent Ride suspension ✅
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    Trailing Arm Air Suspension other than Cruisemaster XT?

    Love to hear that our STi suspension is working out so well for you, @Alloy Our STi air ride suspension is an option for you too @rdrop but ultimately you'll spend more on the product and the install. The more economical route for you is replacing the outboard arms on your existing Axle-Less...
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    Trailing Arm Air Suspension other than Cruisemaster XT?

    @rdrop, sounds like even if you drop the trailer by swapping out the outboard arms on your 3500 HD suspension you'll still have more ground clearance than your truck. Unfortunately, the part number you've provided isn't the full number, it's missing two digits at the end which signify the...
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    Trailing Arm Air Suspension other than Cruisemaster XT?

    @rdrop, having a kitchen galley too high is definitely a pain. You really want to make sure you have an ergonomic setup so you're not hunched over or on your tip toes. Nobody needs another excuse to go to the chiropractor. How much ground clearance do you currently have on the trailer and how...
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    Expedition Motorcycle Trailer

    @billiebob, we're digging what you're thinking here. If you use an Axle-Less suspension with a 4" drop that would definitely keep your overall deck height lower and give you some extra clearance for your bike underneath the rtt. Definitely want to see some pics of this as you progress!
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    Trailer suspension Options pros/cons

    Jason, Stoked to see you are considering a Timbren equipped trailer! Both Off-Grid and Boreas make incredible options! As far as choosing between the two trailers, get the one that suits your needs and budget best. Can't go wrong with either suspension, some things to consider about our Timbren...
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    2022 Nissan Frontier unveiled

    Love it! Welcome to the Timbren family ??