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  1. DCH109

    Inflatable roof top/Ground hybrid tents, anybody tried them?

    That is interesting. If you are talking about Karsten tents out of Holland, I will tell you there is zero comparison here. I owned one of their tents that was about 20 years old and looked new. They are heavy canvas utilizing fire hose type material for the air bladders. With that you need to...
  2. DCH109

    SOLD: Springbar Traveler 10x10 in Northern Virginia

    You know I offer shipping! ;) IT would be well packed with a tracking number from Fedex or UPS. something to think about. Really it is a great tent, but I am moving to a teardrop trailer or small trailer as it is more what I want at this time.
  3. DCH109

    Fan-Tastic vent fan model 2250 SOLD

    This is Fan-tasic vent fan Model 2250. fits a standard 14x14 opening. This is made in the USA and in brand new in the box. I bought it and never installed it and have since sold my camper. Prefer local pickup in the Leesburg, VA area, but can ship at your cost. Sold!
  4. DCH109

    SOLD: Springbar Traveler 10x10 in Northern Virginia

    Springbar "Traveler" tent. 10' x10'. made in the USA. I am just not using it and probably never will. It currently is stored inside and dry. It is in fantastic condition and comes with: the tent new floor mat (for front of tent) ground tarp new guylines and a few smaller parts for extras. (pole...
  5. DCH109

    Best privacy tent/shower/toilet enclosure? Best compact "toilet" for WAG bags?

    I have a cleanwaste unit myself and like it. Packs small and fits in the Jeep fine. I use a army can to hold the waste bags until I find a place to dispose of them. Seals tight and no smell (I add some deodorizer in there). For a tent I use one of those popups that fold into a circle. Few guide...
  6. DCH109

    Lets talk shovels

    Seeing as this thread came back. I use a British Military shovel (not a replica), the T-handle one. I have had this for years, the blade is still sharp and everything is still very solid in the feeling of it. I have it mounted with my Hi-lift on the upper roll cage on my Jeep. Great place for...
  7. DCH109

    Anyone go from LC to Wrangler?

    So I went from a basically completely rebuild Fj60 (including the drive train) to a 2015 Jeep JK 4 door which I have own 3 years. My Jeep has the hard top and I have not taken it off. Also 3.6L, 3.73 gears LSD, 6 speed manual with 33" tires, AEV 2.5" lift, AEV front bumper, HD rear bumper...
  8. DCH109

    Disco 5 diesel rear shocks swap .

    You should post the part number of the rough country shocks and pictures so others can purchase them. FYI, Rock auto has the OE style them for $180. Looks like you need to reuse the boot and the 3 point mount. But they supply a zip tie. Part Number BILSTEIN B4 24292580
  9. DCH109

    New Defender 90 vs. 2 Door Wrangler Rubicon

    You missed the point. It was not about what you rae ding off road, it was about how boring the Rover is vs the Jeep. The technology in the new Rovers are to the point all you are doing is steering the vehicle. There is no fun or challenge in that, amazing on the highway and amazing off road...
  10. DCH109

    New Defender 90 vs. 2 Door Wrangler Rubicon

    After owning a newer Discovery (similar electronics to the new Defender) and Owning a Jeep JK 4 door with a manual transmission. Here are my thoughts on the subject. Take the Defender and tow the Jeep to the trail, then wheel the Jeep. Be it over Engineer Pass, or any of those passes or Moab...
  11. DCH109

    Camp Chef, Everest SOLD!!

    No, this is the original stove. The 2X does not look the same.
  12. DCH109

    Camp Chef, Everest SOLD!!

    Have a new never used Camp Chef Everest. Bought this a while ago and never used it. Needs a new home and will include the extension hose (also new) for an external tank (tank not included and no box for the stove). $85 Shipped anywhere in the Continental US. If the thumbnails do not show up...
  13. DCH109

    Thetford 565e new with pump upgrade

    I have a NEW never used Thetford 565E Port-a-potty for sale. I upgraded this to the manual pump from the electric pump (had that shipped from the UK). Also including the base mount. Comes with all documentation. box etc. Asking $120 for it shipped in the continental US. Or pickup in Northern...
  14. DCH109

    Post pictures of your Land Rover.

    Finally have a non driveway pic. Was in Colorado this week and visited Yankee Girl mine.
  15. DCH109

    Quality gloves

    I go super fancy on my gloves and buy the Deer Skin ones from Home Depot I have had them covered in oil (just makes them softer) to grease. They just keep working. I have been using them for years and as...
  16. DCH109

    Barn Door for JK factory hardtops

    Thank you for this. I was looking for a way to mount my Nato fuel can to my JK on the MORryde hinges. I have the Rotopax mount with a 3 gallon cell, while it seems like a lot, I am more comfortable with the 5 gallon. So a little project coming up!
  17. DCH109

    Post pictures of your Land Rover.

    Good to know those fit, I need to reach out to Lucky8 about these. I assume you have air suspension any issue on access height?
  18. DCH109

    Post pictures of your Land Rover.

    Ok, this will be a BORING picture. But then I have only had it for two days. I was trying to decide between the Discovery 5 and the new Defender. While I was looking for used I could not find a Defender at a reasonable price or with the options I wanted, plus after looking at several they are...
  19. DCH109

    RTT: Autohome Overland Vs James Baroud Vision Note sure if he is sill there but I talked to, I think it was Gary who imported the first ones into the US.
  20. DCH109

    Xantrex Freedom X 1200 Pure Sine Inverter

    So i am selling a used Xantrex Freedom X 1200 Pure Sine Inverter. It works well. These are a bit more heavy duty than the ebay specials you can buy. Check them out. This is all I have, what is in the pictures nothing more. Manuals can be found online. Looking for $175 and I will pay for...