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    Abenteuer & Allrad (Adventure Wheel) Overland Show 2015, Germany 04-07 June 2015

    Great videos! Rich, your videos really show the extent of the camping site well. How about a picture or details of your UAV setup? The imagery was nice and smooth.:luxhello: v/r, Jeannot
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    Abenteuer & Allrad (Adventure Wheel) Overland Show 2015, Germany 04-07 June 2015

    Some Images from the event I put together some of my photos from the event into a slide show and posted on youtube. All are from the camping area and event grounds. The bus in the beginning was the one provided from the parking area to the event grounds. The owl at the end was from the nearby...
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    My Cruiser needs a new motor does this cost seem outta line? Consider SFBay area.

    TEM north of SF Bay TEM rebuilt my H diesel for my HJ45, they did a great job, price was reasonable back in 2010 when they did the work.
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    something different from china

    Welcome to the forum! Great looking rig and very nice photos. Keep them coming.
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    What have you done to your Land Cruiser Today?

    Tucked it in for a nap... Tucked it away for a nap...
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    Camp table - easy fit to your vehicles exterior

    I used a simple 6 inch C clamp and a piece of plywood, clamped it to the front bumper. Single burner propane stove fits in hole at the front. I realize mine is on a HJ45, not sure if your bumper would permit this set up. When not in use its tossed in the back or on the roof rack.
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    The black and white thread (film or digital)

    Thanks, just a snapshot with iPhone, but I liked it as well. Sent from somewhere on Earth.
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    The black and white thread (film or digital)

    Hot Cocoa break. Sent from somewhere on Earth.
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    Favorite Cold Weather Modifications

    I drive an old HJ45 Troopie with a very anemic heater and no insulation and I live in New you can question my smarts...but my wife found some heavy clear vinyl material and cut me a curtain that goes from floor to ceiling and held up with a sailing baton, and wall to wall and...
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    UAV-TD (Urban Assualt Vehicle - tear drop) build

    Beautiful work, I've really enjoyed watching it develop. Quick question, what size wrench is that in the foreground of the 4th picture of post #197? The one next to the broom. Sent from somewhere on Earth.
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    Fiberglass M416/M100 Military-style Trailer Tub Kit

    Looks great can't wait to see it all together!:Wow1:
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    Night time 120 v need

    Oh, and yes this set up used to run a CPAP. Sent from somewhere on Earth.
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    Night time 120 v need

    I brought two spare 12v batteries (Optima Red Tops) with me on a trip last year and an inverter with battery clips. I used the set up for four nights without any problems. I did two nights on each battery, I probably could have done all four nights on one battery, but since I had them I used...
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    Latest Photo?

    Cool stone wall with a twist up in New Hampshire last weekend. Sent from somewhere on Earth.
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    Tarps: myth or legend?

    I have found that putting the poly tarp on the load and then covering it with a simple canvas drop cloth help extend the poly tarp survival on long trips. But most definitely try not to have any slack in the tarps to cut down on flapping. Sent from somewhere on Earth.
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    Photo Critiqing Thread

    Jack5885, I really like the fountain image, nicely done. Sent from somewhere on Earth.
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    Photo Critiqing Thread

    Hind sight is 20/20, I wish I had dragged the line out of the background of the image. Any other thoughts at how this could have been executed differently. Sent from somewhere on Earth.
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    Photo Critiqing Thread

    "Hopefully you do not think I am picking on you by any means. " I read your input and threw my camera in the pond and cried for hours..... And all I have is this to show for my efforts. No, really, I appreciate the constructive criticism...and the pond shot was simply testing the housing on...