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  1. jrose609

    WTB: 20” Land Rover OEM RR/RRS/LR4 wheels

    Friend of mine in Boise has some 20” RR wheels for sale.
  2. jrose609

    RR/LR3/4 EAS Front and Rear Valve Block Rebuild with Pictures!

    Great write-up. Thank you!
  3. jrose609

    Project Victory_Overland 08 LR3 Build Thread!

    I installed the same sliders on my LR3. Install was a breeze, and the sliders are a good deal for the price. They don’t protect the compressor or the tank like some sliders, but they are a nice addition and look great
  4. jrose609

    Wilco Hitchgate w/jerry can mounts

    Can you get me a pic WITHOUT a spare on the carrier? Also, where in KS are you?
  5. jrose609

    NAS LR3 build with an overseas twist

    Damn. I need one of those. Edit: I just ORDERED one of those. Thanks, Ray
  6. jrose609

    Land Rover LR3/4 Parts

    Bump for a great seller
  7. jrose609

    SOLD: Ford 1997 F250/350 OBS Ex-cab 4x4 5-speed

    @BajaSurfRig I just added a few pics showing the condition of the under side. As you can see, it’s in pretty good shape. No rust in the wheel wheels or under the bed which are the places you’d usually see rust. My wife had to take the pics as I’m not too mobile right now. If you want more pics...
  8. jrose609

    SOLD: Ford 1997 F250/350 OBS Ex-cab 4x4 5-speed

    I should be able to get some photos of the undercarriage tomorrow. There is no rust. The undercarriage looks good and has not been sprayed over to conceal anything. The truck has been here in Idaho, and stuff doesn’t rust here. It’s too dry. The wheel wells and door bottoms all look good. The...
  9. jrose609

    SOLD: Ford 1997 F250/350 OBS Ex-cab 4x4 5-speed

    Thank you. It is a nice truck! Thank you! Appreciate it. I had looked for a while before I bought this one, and I couldn’t believe the prices. A friend of mine got this from his grandfather and drove it for a couple years. He then gave me a pretty good deal. I’m only trying to get an amount...
  10. jrose609

    SOLD: Ford 1997 F250/350 OBS Ex-cab 4x4 5-speed

    Thank you! In town in get 13 or 14. On the freeway I usually get 18 if I keep the RPMs at 2000. Once we go over 2000 RPMs and approach 75-80mph the MPG takes a hit.
  11. jrose609

    SOLD: Ford 1997 F250/350 OBS Ex-cab 4x4 5-speed

    I have a 1997 Ford F-250/350 for sale. Yes, the truck was originally an F-250. However, the OBS F-250’s originally had a twin torsion beam front suspension which provided a comfortable ride, but was unreliable and maintenance heavy. They were known for wearing out bushings and tires. I replaced...
  12. jrose609

    Land Rover LR3/4 Parts

    Pm sent on Johnson rods
  13. jrose609

    Used genuine Discovery 1 Saudi Grill

    Eric, I can't believe this hasn't sold yet............rarer than unicorn j*zz Good luck!
  14. jrose609

    235/85/16? Let's see them

    255/85r16 KM2 I've had these tires about a year. They aren't too loud. Great on and off road manners. They worked great this winter in several feet of snow. I did have them siped before mounting. I had Toyo M/Ts in 285/75r16 prior to these. They were very heavy and did not balance well at...
  15. jrose609

    FORD it just me, or are prices creeping up?

    I agree. I love the OBS style. Broncos are big here in Idaho, but most of the people buying them are the "Built....Not bought" crowd who like to build big jacked up 4x4 trucks to drive through mud puddles and then show off at the mall. Those are also the ones who like to "roll coal." The 7.3...