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    Pleasure-Way Excel TS

    And that’s why you are the best! Thanks.
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    Pleasure-Way Excel TS

    I think there was a concern on a hard packed surface, with a tight turn, something could break?
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    Ujoint Offroad Colorado van build thread!

    Sweet! Counting down the days until you do my rig.
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    Found This On Ebay

    Two words sez it all,,,,,CHIC MAGNET!!!
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    2010 Majestic 19g 4x4

    No double steering stabilizer though.
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    Pleasure-Way Excel TS

    Iggi, When I inquired, I was told it could be done, but not recommended. I believe the reason was that there could be the possibility for severe damage to the drive train in certain situations. I didn't question their recommendation, because I feel they are the best at what they do. Thanks for...
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    Pleasure-Way Excel TS

    This appears to be my next, and hopefully last vehicle I buy. I love what UJOR has done with these vehicles, and I would like them to do the conversion. They have done OX rear lockers, with manual engagement. They don’t recommend front locker. Looking for constructive input on manual versus air...
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    2007 Chevrolet C5E042 4x4 Ambulance

    Those are some low miles. Box height 72”? Wonder what it will sell for?
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    2000 Ford E350 7.3 solar and max air 85,XXX miles in Arizona

    Inside height, idle hours, pass through?
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    *$34,000* 4WD 2002 Ford E350 7.3L Super Duty Ambulance Conversion to Camper (4 Season!)

    Looks like a nice rig. Kinda surprised no bidders. Glws
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    2006 Chinook V10 in CO, 33k, $20k obo, needs repairs

    Interesting find. Doesn’t look like a cheap fix.
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    Well kitted Econoline. no affiliation

    My biggest issue with the Quigley was the suspension, but maybe that is just the way SMB West ordered it. It appears that it was just factory leaves on the back with a 4 inch block. There may have been an add a leaf. Don't know how they got the lift on the front, but I would hit the bump stops...
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    2020 Tiger Bengal

    What vehicle do you think you will get when you retire?