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  1. The Swiss

    SOLD!!!! 1999 Casita 13' unfinished project for sale

    SOLD Has been a while since I posted on this forum. Reluctantly selling my unfinished Casita project due to upcoming relocation. Asking price $3,600 Located in NW Georgia The good: Gelcoat of fiberglass hull in excellent condition Good frame Interior insulated with rectoflex and covered with...
  2. The Swiss

    Jeep campers how many choices?

    If you want to wait 2 or so years for the new Wrangler JT, the Jeep pick-up, you can add fourwheel camper and probably other slide in camper manufacturers to your list.
  3. The Swiss

    WTB: Casita Travel Trailer

    By far the best site for finding used Casita trailers. That's where I found and sold my 16' and found my 13' project.
  4. The Swiss

    285/75 or 35/12.5 KM2

    Thanks for y'alls observation. I drove the 285/75 BFG MT for 45k mls and loved the size. However, me getting old and soft plus my JKU being my every day vehicle seeing a lot of interstate use, it was time for me to get a tire that's a little quieter. I was in between the 34x10.5 and the 35x12.5...
  5. The Swiss

    "Exo Egg" Fiberglass Camper Build

    Congrats! Looking good. Need to get going on mine again.
  6. The Swiss

    The first step is admitting you have a problem.

    Sounds like a plan. Saw this beauty at Dana Point, CA last year.
  7. The Swiss

    Think I saw the new JL...and pickup version today

    Nice. You have more balls than I would have!
  8. The Swiss

    2017 Wrangler will be longer

    They are mules, nothing more. Current Wranglers modified to test components of the next gen Wrangler. But I'm excited some kind of spy shots showing up :wings:
  9. The Swiss

    safey concerns of getting a 2015 rubicon stolen in baja?

    Learned something, thanks!!
  10. The Swiss

    safey concerns of getting a 2015 rubicon stolen in baja?

    And when we are at it, all the horror stories you hear about the "Federales", not true. After many, many, many check-points, the Federales always treated me very friendly and super correctly. Most of the time it's just a "de donde viene, a donde va?" sometimes they check the permit on the...
  11. The Swiss

    safey concerns of getting a 2015 rubicon stolen in baja?

    I have not been to Baja but spent a lot of time on mainland Mexico with our 2013 Jeep Grand Cherokee. I consider the risk of the vehicle being stolen or getting broken into about the same as in Atlanta, or LA, or NY. Do yourself a favor and get a good insurance for Mexico with full coverage...
  12. The Swiss

    Trasharoo w/ExPo Logo Group Buy - Round 5!

    Just sent payment for 2 tan Trasharoos, one with black and one with white logo. Thanks for putting this together!
  13. The Swiss

    Does an adventure trailer like this exist?

    I agree. I have a Casita, actually my second one, and I love it. It fulfills all your better half's requirements and your Jeep can handle it with no issues.. As we all know: Happy wife and you get to enjoy a relaxed cold one at the camp fire ;)
  14. The Swiss

    Trasharoo ExPo Group Buy - Round 4!

    Count me also in for the next round.
  15. The Swiss

    Expedition CJ's

    CJ 5 were used for the very first Camel Trophy
  16. The Swiss

    Easter Jeep Safari Concepts 2015

    BINGO! Where do I sign up? I'm serious, Chrysler, where can a place my pre-order?
  17. The Swiss

    Project Casita #2

    No problem at all. I'm happy that people are keeping my thread alive until I find time to continue the restoration of my Casita and to post about it :D
  18. The Swiss

    Project Casita #2

    Yup, washboard roads are about the worst for the equipment. I don't have many dirt road miles on my trailer to really have a qualified opinion but I don't feel that the fiberglass is too brittle. There are some superficial hairline cracks in the clear coat like most older fiberglass eggs have...
  19. The Swiss

    Has your JK ever left you stranded?

    My battery went bad without any warning at 65,000 miles. Was able to limp home after a jump start so I was technically not stranded :) Other than that, no issues but with 80,000 miles, my 2012 is also just barely broken in.
  20. The Swiss

    Older Little Guy Scope Creep

    Campers and leaks are like squirrels and birdfeeders. An eternal battle of one outsmarting the other. I'm about the same (un)successful trying to keep all water out of my camper as I am keeping the squirrels out of my birdfeeder.