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    Grenadier OWNERS Thread - Answers by Owners to questions from Everyone Else!

    Did you happen to get the saddle steering wheel?
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    Grenadier Resource Website

    Good stuff.
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    Second test drive...

    Part of the problem with the one Brad test drove, is that it had a spring lift with no other adjustments. I believe the caster for the grenadier from the factory is only 2°. Putting on a 30 to 50 mm spring lift would have reduced that even further. A proper lift will likely fix that just like it...
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    IG: Detailed Axle Spec Information

    Following. Interested in what gears it has and if there are new set to change the ratio out yet.
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    Anyone 'daily' or do a lot of miles in a Grenadier?

    The ineos forum will be a good place to check, but I want to follow this thread as well. Luckily my commute is 2miles, so even a unimog would be comfortable
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    INEOS Grenadier

    Yes, but it can be turned off. But it’s a pain. There’s a huge thread on theineosforum.
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    Grenadier: AluCab Pop Up Conversion a Reality

    It’s only annoying we can’t get new troopies here.
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    Grenadier: AluCab Pop Up Conversion a Reality

    I'm guessing this will be $15 to $20k with install. I think a normal Troopy conversion is $9-10k..maybe 12k before install cost.
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    Grenadier: AluCab Pop Up Conversion a Reality

    If they designed the conversion top similar to the 76, then that section of inner headliner was left intake. It would be a must for the Grenadier due to the overhead switches.
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    Grenadier: AluCab Pop Up Conversion a Reality

    AluCab just posted this on their instagram. I love how they integrated the OEM handles into their design. Truly looks OEM. Link to AluCab site:
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    WTB: OEM JK Rubicon Suspension

    Looking to buy OEM JK, Rubicon suspension components. Looking for low mile stock Rubicon, shocks, springs and control arms.
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    Grenadier Build Thread: Crossing Africa

    Definitely following this
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    Grenadier: Mulgo PopTop

    Agreed. He has announced his is working on it. The support Alucab has in the States makes it a very appealing supplier. Competition is good from everyone.
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    120 Volt Outlets Confirmed! And 2.0 Kw

    This is great news. Glad to see more information coming out. Looking forward to your first hand experiences with the trip using the Grenadier.
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    Grenadier: Mulgo PopTop

    Now there is a homepage article.