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  1. Corneilius

    2014 Ford E-350 12ft SRW Box Truck

    Looks good, can you not slide the panels all the way to the front of the rack?
  2. Corneilius

    Econoline full build out camper with 2WD Weldtech Baja lift suspension help

    Slight apples to oranges here but my last Ujoint van butter on washboards at 20PSI in my BFGs, could go as fast or slow as I wanted. 8500lbs loaded, leaf sprung with Bilsteins. At street pressure (55) it was standard shake-everything-apart at the seams
  3. Corneilius

    Ironcloud Metalworks Express/Savana + Astro/Safari Swivel Seat Bases for Sale

    What bend simulation software is that? Prototype turned out nice!
  4. Corneilius

    Cummins Canoe (A Stepvan Story)

    If you only JB weld that crank together you will be a legend. If it holds you will be a Hero!
  5. Corneilius

    Myrtle the Silver Turtle - Build Thread

    Nice, way to bring it back to life!
  6. Corneilius

    Miley, a 2002 E350 conversion

    Definitely got lucky finding a EB hightop without the handicap door cut outs!
  7. Corneilius

    One More Piece At a Time

    This is my second version of a front hitch water jug holder. I find it super helpful in and around camp for dishes/hands/dogwater without climbing into the van. I also used it on my last van to swap out when the inside tank was empty (used the same 7 gallon unit inside). I only mount this if...
  8. Corneilius

    Triton Engines vs earlier models

    Post 96 also gets you a better dash, better cup holders, better seats, better door panels.
  9. Corneilius

    One More Piece At a Time Its a single battery tray but its only $30....They have several sizes be sure to look up the Group battery size for what dimension you'll need. They're not covered in sexy...
  10. Corneilius

    One More Piece At a Time

    Thanks for the kind words guys, i don't have any plans to offer any products right now. Most of what I build is already commercially available at a much lower price than I could offer. Summit racing sells a similar battery tray, and there are swivel seats for $250 from a couple sources. I chose...
  11. Corneilius

    One More Piece At a Time

    If you thought building a battery tray (that summit sells for $40) was bad, wait until you see this swivel seat lol. Plans are for a driver and passenger swivel, cut and welded the passenger a couple weeks back. It uses as 99-04 unit bearing as the pivot and a spring pin for the latch. Very...
  12. Corneilius

    One More Piece At a Time

    Ive been running an ARB fridge just off the engine battery this summer, works ok as long as I was DD'ing the van but definitely needed some more battery power. My last van had an isolated Group 27 mounted on the passenger frame rail. This time I made a different tray that through bolts the...
  13. Corneilius

    Ujoint Offroad Colorado van build thread!

    Looks great. Seriously are you hiring? I have experience
  14. Corneilius

    One More Piece At a Time

    I made them myself. .125 Aluminum with a 1" flange bent and welded at the corners to stiffen it up. Super happy with how they turned out
  15. Corneilius

    One More Piece At a Time

    Ive been working on the pop top off and on for several months. The basic idea is a frame that attaches to the van roof, and a lid that pops from there. Its going to pivot at the rear like a Westy. The top is about 11' long and 5' wide. It made from a 6x12 sheet of .125 Aluminum. It will be...
  16. Corneilius

    One More Piece At a Time

    Hmm looks like im going to have to work on my image upload quality... Some other custom touches include rear gear panels for the back doors. The spare fits underneath (33") and I wanted to be able to haul fuel cans and stuff outside WITHOUT a swing out. These sit just a couple inches off the...
  17. Corneilius

    One More Piece At a Time

    I pulled all the factory benches and made a mount for a Suburban/Tahoe/Escalade third row. It still has 3 seat belts but is much narrower. This allows movement inside the van when the barn doors are closed.