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  1. F350joe

    Beat the Meyers Manx EV to the market.,, Electric dune buggy or UTV?
  2. F350joe

    1941 Power Wagon Cummins $270k
  3. F350joe

    Great price on Ukiah Tailgator 2.

    I love mine, got the cast iron grill add on. Down to $179, $420 on the manufacturers website.
  4. F350joe

    Camp Chair Recommendations

    i tried it at REI. I’m a big guy at 6’4 235 and it was awkward. I felt like Ricky Bobby during his 1st TV interview. Love the idea though.
  5. F350joe

    1998 E350 7.3 4x4 Build

    I think a 4x4 van with a 7.3 is as close to an ideal adventure rig as you can get. Congrats and look forward to the build.
  6. F350joe

    Audi coming in hot…

    Good comparison, loved those AMCs back in the day. Kind of reminded me of a refined cyber truck but like your AMC comparison better.
  7. F350joe

    EV dune buggy
  8. F350joe

    EV dune buggy

    Supposedly there will be a pure EV and a hybrid version. I can see them taking a big bite out the SXS market and the go to as a towable for RVers.
  9. F350joe

    EV dune buggy
  10. F350joe

    I'm SOLD

    I like that. Have you seen Canoo?
  11. F350joe

    Is a Land Cruiser really better off-road than a Tacoma? My experience says the opposite..

    I have found that SUVs get better traction with the added weight on the rear wheels. That can be overcome by putting stuff in the bed of a PU of course. Really depends on what you are doing though. I rather blast around the desert in the tacoma but do forest roads in the Sierra with the Cruiser.
  12. F350joe

    Water container recs/stowage of them...

    Since it has not been posted yet i’ll throw this option into the mix. Can be strapped to the spare or a couple can be placed where the spare lived if it has been relocated. Youtube videos out there showing how to plumb one in.
  13. F350joe

    Good deal on BioLite CampiStove kits

    Does anyone really charge their stuff with a camp stove? Such a weird thing but they have been around for a while now.
  14. F350joe

    Rivian R1T (pickup) vs. R1S (SUV) for "overlanding"

    Seemed to be about the size of a tacoma. Good size for hitting the trails. The bed is tiny but enough room for some camping gear. I'm like they went full recreation and didn’t try to make it a work truck too. I would go for the SUV myself.
  15. F350joe

    Rivian R1T (pickup) vs. R1S (SUV) for "overlanding"

    Got a close up look and chatted with an owner on my last trip. I loved it, pretty amazing vehicle. There was, however, two things that stood out to me. One was the orange peel paint, looked really bad considering the price. The second issue was a biggie. Effective range was only a couple...
  16. F350joe

    Refilling 1lb tanks at home

    I use the flame king ones and they work okay. Had one leak pretty bad but i may have overfilled it and it leaked going from sea level to 7000ft. Thats the only issue i had but worth mentioning. That bottle is out of the rotation now. Just get a couple extra and only fill until you just...
  17. F350joe

    Inflatable boats

    I sold that rig and miss it but We’re the Russos on Youtube bought it and have taken it to the next level, they have a walk around on their channel. older glued seams were much better, the new stuff has about a 5 year life span. Welded seams will last forever if you keep the boat inflated or...
  18. F350joe

    Inflatable boats

    Something else to consider with inflatables…. Glued seams are more flexible and better for folding it up for storage but only last about 5 years. Welded seams don’t like to be folded and can leak if they are, prefer to stay inflated, but last forever. A grumman 19’ square stern canoe or bigger...
  19. F350joe

    Inflatable boats

    The seams fail in cold water/weather, they don't track well when paddling, easy to puncture in a camp setting and dont really break down very small. Paddleboard, mirco skiffs, canoe/kayak, or a portabote are all better options imo. I have a square stern canoe with an outboard but its a load...