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    Non toxic, Anti-Seize recommendations ?

    Dupont Molykote 111 Compound, certified to NSF/ANSI 51/61.
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    Food storage in Bear Country

    Most of the certified products are expensive. The attached document tells you how to modify a military storage box for use as a bear resistant container. There are 2 versions, and they are already tested and approved.
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    Food storage in Bear Country

    The Interagency Grizzly Bear Committee does the certifications for bear resistant products. This looks like the latest list. If you watch the video, you will see that the testers are actually bears.
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    Food storage in Bear Country

    I am glad that the importance of locking your vehicle has been mentioned above, probably at least twice. But in areas where bears are used to raiding camper's food, they can now operate the door handle, or worse yet, just tear off the door...
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    Food storage in Bear Country

    Operator error. Tablet issues, was unaware that it posted. Fixed it.
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    Food storage in Bear Country

    Some of the national forests, and state lands in Colorado require a bear resistant container which you are required to move away from your campsite, and let them play with it if the bear finds it. Container has to be certified. Some of the better made ice chests are certified. Check regulations...
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    Seat Covers

    At one point, we removed our Bartact, ran them through the clothes washer, and they came out looking like new.
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    Seat Covers
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    Need help identifying axles You
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    Get build sheet with VIN

    How can I get a Build Sheet for my Ford? Marti Auto Works is the licensee to Ford's production database and provides information about any Ford Motor Company vehicles made in the United States or Canada from 1967-2017. Visit the Marti Auto Works website to determine which build sheet is right...
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    Pelican 1650 and 1610

    This site does not provide model numbers, but they seem to frequently have Pelican and similar cases:
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    What type of mounts are these?

    That is totally amazing. I have a couple of these, and I recall paying about $35.00 each in about 2012. I bought the JKU sliders then as well. They were $279.95 a pair then. All above prices were plus shipping.
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    What type of mounts are these?

    Ace Engineering Jerry can mounts. They suggest ratchet straps to secure the cans. I believe that they are in Michigan.
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    Looking for a non made in china snatch block, Any recommendations?

    I totally agree with that. However sometimes I think that whom ever creates the description is not technically qualified.
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    Looking for a non made in china snatch block, Any recommendations?

    Just want to say that I am in need of a larger snatch block, placed and received a snatch block which I am not happy with. While researching this issue, I stumbled onto this post. The images shown in the second two links in the above post, match the images for a Chinese manufacturer known as...
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    Looking for Tongue box with side door instead of top

    The Moby 1 trailer used or uses a similar style.
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    Cots talk

    Have been using these since the late 1980s and totally happy.
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    Tool Overkill?

    There are a lot of places where you cannot get an adjustable wrench or vice grips onto the fastener. Very often you will need socket with extension.
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    Leather Holster manufacturers
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    Easy clean up meals?

    Campfire nachos in well seasoned cast iron skillet or Dutch oven. If something does stick, just hit it with one of those stainless steel pot scrubbers, using it dry. There are lots of variations...