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    How to make a cheap isolated dual-battery setup for $50

    hmmm, I still have the H3, and pulled the dual-battery setup a few years back. Dusting things off for a complete overhaul this winter, maybe it's time to make a new thread with some great updated technology....
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    How to make a cheap isolated dual-battery setup for $50

    I'm still on good old sealed lead-acid batteries. Have obviously replaced the original Diehard batteries I had when I started this thread, but I kept them in the garage and they still hold a charge (they are 13 years old!)
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    Looking for ideas: Flexible Solar Panel Stand

    And then use collapsible easel to hold them upright and angled correctly. I have a few large art easels and have used them for my rigid 100w panel. They are about 5' long, but will easily fit into a 4" pvc tube. Or you can build your own out of 3/8 square stock and a drill/screws Sent from my...
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    Anyone still using a 1st Gen SPOT Satellite Messenger?

    Sure. I rarely use it, but it still works great. Far as I'm aware it still uses the same sat tech, so it wouldn't be worse from a connection standpoint. Mostly you'd just get tracking a pre-defined messages, but that's fine for me Sent from my SM-N986U using Tapatalk
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    Tablets with WIFI + cellular or WIFI only?

    Good point on up front cost. I keep an eye out for last-year products. They tend to be about the same as this-year stuff, but you get to add cellular Sent from my SM-N986U using Tapatalk
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    Tablets with WIFI + cellular or WIFI only?

    Up until the last couple months I always used my phone as a Hotspot and never considered getting cellular built in. At $10/month for each device I thought it was a luxury I didn't need. After buying my daughter a cell phone enabled Apply watch, and getting a galaxy cell watch on discount, I...
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    RTT off-road trailer vs. enclosed camper

    I had a rtt on m416 for a long time, hauled it all over PNW, Cali, Moab, etc. Had kids, zero chance of them being in rtt in the pouring rain, too much work to get set up, etc. I'm also 48 and my back is starting to remind me I'm not 20 anymore. I kept the m416 and sold the tent and haven't...
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    Ground Path for High Current Accessories

    I leave factory wiring alone, with very minimal accessories added outside the factory wiring harness. I do this to make sure I don't mess with the core reliability from the factory. I use the factory connections and a dedicated battery. For any of my bolt-ons (winch, inverters, compressor...
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    How to make a cheap isolated dual-battery setup for $50

    For reference I used a set of 4ga 16+' Jumper cables mated to my trailer that had another 6+' of 4ga welding cable to charge my trailer battery. Total length a little over 25' with a solenoid and Anderson connector between the 2 batteries. Haven't had an issue in 10+ years Sent from my...
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    How to make a cheap isolated dual-battery setup for $50

    Glad it worked out for you. Hopefully you drank plenty of beer :) Sent from my SM-N960U using Tapatalk
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    Understanding Battery separators versus battery isolators, for charging via a car alternator.

    Use the link I provided to set up an isolated battery setup the will charge your house battery while driving as best as possible. You can certainly buy a kit to make it easier or build your own (per instructions in the thread).
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    Understanding Battery separators versus battery isolators, for charging via a car alternator.

    A few thoughts: Separators typically use a diode, which has a 0.7v drop, meaning you are actually not charging at full voltage. Using the details in the linked thread to set up an isolator, you will get full voltage using an isolator. If you are storing the battery in an enclosed space...
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    Outside (on roof rack) 12VDC power bus?

    I think a total of 40a if everything was on at the same time. 10x50w lights, but I literally never turned them all on at the same time. And with LED there's not as much of a current risk. Each post is a circuit, controlled via trailer plug, with a 30a auto relay in the box. Main power done via...
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    Have you looked into rear facing car seats for your under fours?

    Most local hospitals will have a seat check station. You sign up for a time, drive in and they give you pointers on how to improve your setup. Glad to say I was perfect on 3 of 4 carseats. I had forgotten that we added a pad under the first seats to 'protect the seat'. This isn't rocket science...
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    Outside (on roof rack) 12VDC power bus?

    Ancor Marine Grade Primary Wire and Battery Cable Perfect choice
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    Outside (on roof rack) 12VDC power bus?

    I used 6ga stranded for mains power + ground. I used 4-flat trailer connector run from inside cab switch panel. Them I put relays and fuse panel in 6x6x4 waterproof electrical box on roof rack. I ran the numbers and could have used Cat6 to trigger the relays if I wanted but never got around to...
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    How to make a cheap isolated dual-battery setup for $50

    Wow I can't believe this thread continues to be active. Glad it is still working for folks. If I get some time I'll go review/update the links in the original post. Anything obvious that might help new readers I should add to the first post?
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    M 416 tires

    Hey there, after 10+ years the tube for my m416 popped. I went down to the tire store (actually a few) and the tires are so bad I need new tires. They can't get them, so I'm wondering what folks here do for replacement tires. I want to keep the stock wheels, just replace the tires. Thanks in...
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    House battery troubleshooting

    I agree with dwh. I'm actually surprised those batteries lasted 4 years. My guess is the previous owner never really taxed the batteries and your trips likely fi is he'd them off. Your best bet is to get 2 identical batteries (make, mfr date, model) and replace both. Once you I stall the 2...
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    Time for a change - 2005 Yukon XL

    Yep, bone stock lift/tires. I will eventually go with a slightly wider tire, but not much larger. This will do duty as a tow rig, so I don't want to go too extreme. With new coils/wires/plugs, I'm now getting 13-15 on the highway, 9-11 in town. I've only put 300 miles on it, so not a lot to...