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  1. douglastic

    08 lr3 tire pressure light on service tire pressure monitor on dash

    It's been a while, but basically finding the correct TPMS CCF option - and select "not fitted" very straightforward and in case anyone wants help justifying the GAP tool . . . $85 per sensor x4 = almost 70% the price of the tool then program yourself a spare $25 ebay key with it, and you're...
  2. douglastic

    08 lr3 tire pressure light on service tire pressure monitor on dash

    When my TPMS batteries died I chose to deactivate the system with my GAP tool rather than replace for $$ Also keeps the light off the dash when I air down
  3. douglastic

    LR3 18” OEM wheels - set of 5

    You might have better luck on a Land Rover forum - I would think lots of members would want these. Great price too.
  4. douglastic

    08 LR3 fuel/fluid recommendations

    Here is my personal maintenance info: Oil: Castrol GTX 5w30 (8.6L dry fill, 7.7L refill) Filter: WIX 57302, Drain Plug: M14 x 1.50 Trans: ZF LifeGuard 6, Mercon SP (6L) Non-locking Diffs: Castrol Syntrax Longlife 75w-90 (LRN7591), Royal Purple Max Gear (01300), (Front: .69L, Rear: 1.16L) TC...
  5. douglastic

    LR3 Questions

    Best vehicle purchase I have ever made. I do all my own service/repairs. LR specific forums are a wealth of pre-purchase info, post-purchase how-to, and "been there fixed that". Besides the info above, buy one from a DRY CLIMATE. I truly believe un-addressed water leaks, and rust/rot are the...
  6. douglastic

    LR3 tires

    X4 for the Falken. 265/60R18 XL specifically. Full size spare will fit underneath easily in this size. You really should have XL rating (or higher) for the LR3, regardless of the brand you choose. I have over 50k on mine, and still going! I do a 5-tire rotation every 5k miles. They are snow...
  7. douglastic

    Harbor freight coupons?

    maybe they don't send those during their "parking lot sale"?
  8. douglastic

    What are the strongest 5/8" hitch pins for recovery use?

    I have been considering soft shackles, and your input may have just convinced me to switch. Here is the front (in red this time!) - maybe less beefy.
  9. douglastic

    What are the strongest 5/8" hitch pins for recovery use?

    Mine weighs over 6300lb empty, some get north of 7500lb. I appreciate the words of caution, always good to be safe! Here is a pic of the LR3 rear point (someone painted theirs yellow - which more clearly shows it's beefiness)
  10. douglastic

    What are the strongest 5/8" hitch pins for recovery use?

    I agree that insert is the way to go for hitch recovery. I am glad to have a factory recovery point F/R, to use w/ my 7/8" D-ring shackles.
  11. douglastic

    What are the strongest 5/8" hitch pins for recovery use?

    Maybe someone mentioned but I missed it . . . Isn't a huge advantage of the hitch pin method, the elimination of a large, heavy projectile? Use a good pin, throw a blanket/damper over the strap, and keep your distance.
  12. douglastic

    Help me invest into the best overlanding/towing/ offroading rig!

    OK - I will be the one to suggest the LR3 - haha I know . . . just hear me out. Pros: + Very Capable Off Road, even stock with just good A/T tires + Great Traction Control, standard center locking diff and available rear with 45:1 crawl ratio + Bulletproof 4.4 V8, strong ZF transmission + Cheap...
  13. douglastic

    Land Rover ideas for Jeeps

    Loving that stubby intake, very Hummer H1!
  14. douglastic

    Wavian vs Vevor Jerry Cans

    My only experience with VEVOR was horrific. Shockingly terrible product. I was embarrassed for them. I will never buy anything from them again, and recommend others do not.
  15. douglastic

    Falken Tires

    In case you need another opinion - get them 50k and counting on mine - still have lots of tread - and quiet too Happiest I've been with any tire purchase
  16. douglastic

    Stink in stored duffles, best way to get rid of bad odors?

    try an ozone generator, they are used to remove death, cigarette smoke, etc. I have a small one that works wonders on car interiors. or get new duffles.
  17. douglastic

    EV dune buggy

    electric - or gas - it's the hard top that's got me!
  18. douglastic

    LR3 Tie Rods. Recommended replacement options?

    A few things here . . . no, tie rods should not go every 25k miles I have had my LR3 for almost 60k and never done mine. In fact, I am only just now needing to do the LCAs I have heard mixed opinions on L8 items - some brands are unknown or undisclosed until you get them Maybe this is...
  19. douglastic

    Looking at a 94 RRC LWB... good price?

    by today's prices - and without seeing it - I would say $8k is a pretty good price.
  20. douglastic

    LR3/LR4 Rhino OX hitch weld failures

    I suppose for this board, that might be more true than I gave credit for I love my removable hitch, but I don't tow off-road I just remember reading all the mudslinging on the *other* forums about the LR hitch