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    Experience with black AT Overland Atlas or Summit

    Hi Everyone_ Somewhat new here and starting to build out a truck/camper for my family of three to camp and explore the western US. I currently have an Atlas on order and am trying to decide on color. I’d prefer to go with a matte black for the camper as it will look nice with the color way of...
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    Build planning: 2018 power wagon+AT atlas

    Thanks for the feedback all. Hoping to find someone that has some knowledge on trail kitchen application. It looks like a really slick unit but made for dropping into a sprinter van. Need to figure out how to mount in the truck bed but imagine it shouldn’t be too difficult to figure out...
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    Build planning: 2018 power wagon+AT atlas

    Hello everyone- Relatively new to expo portal but have been researching build options over the past 6 months. We are a young family living in Utah with a 1 year old daughter. My wife and I have spent time on the road/camping via my previous vehicle which was a 13 Tacoma with bed build out...