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  1. rally roo

    2018 Ram Promaster 1500 High Roof 136" Camper Build

    Posting for a friend: Promaster 1500 with professionally built interior. 36k miles, located near New York City. Asking $119,000 OBO See attachment for more info!
  2. rally roo

    where are the Porsche cayenne expo builds?

    I have a 2013 Touareg TDI with the emissions fix. I can confirm that you can swap TCMs with no ill effect; just reset the codes via VCDS and you're good to go. I initially bought a European TCM (non-fixed) off ebay and threw that in, but had some issues with torque converter flare in 2nd and...
  3. rally roo

    Cheap tricks and solutions - product modifications, DIY, or repurposed items- not on-sale items

    Agreed! This just about saved our lives in Joshua Tree during the heat wave last year...
  4. rally roo

    Post up your drawer/storage system

    I recently picked up a VW Touareg TDI as a "goldilocks" vehicle (fast and fun to drive, great fuel mileage, great in snow and soft-road, huge towing capacity, etc.), and wanted to make it more practical for camping trips, but also still work as a DD. For the trunk, I built a frame out of a...
  5. rally roo

    Homemade Roofracks.

    That is an awesome solution! Did you then use U-bolts to hold the crossbar to the rail? I've thought of machining something like that out of HDPE but 3D printing lets you get exactly the shape you need. I have access to an SLA which should do the trick.
  6. rally roo

    Homemade Roofracks.

    Searching for some advice here: I have a VW Touareg TDI that I'm slowly outfitting to be a camping/exploration/moto-hauler as well as my DD. I want to install a roof platform (e.g. Front Runner, Rhino, etc.) with t-slot for tie downs and accessories. There are no real off-the-shelf options...