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  1. bstock1

    Best trailer with 2 people and a dog?

    Have you taken a look at the boreas campers. It checks most of your boxes. It doesn't have a heated underbelly or tanks but it meets all your other requirements. We have one and love it. It fits in our garage. We sleep two in ours with a 85lb lab part of the time. During the summer I put the...
  2. bstock1

    A Boreas XT Thread

    It tows amazing on and off road. I wouldn't necessarily rock crawl with it but it's going to go up any trail your rig is going to go. The limit will be your comfort level. This is just a dirt road here but I've drug it up trails in 4lo and had to have the lockers engaged.
  3. bstock1

    Boreas Campers EOS12

    Congrats! Haha I definitely can understand the obsessing part. I researched and compared for two years before we finally pulled the trigger on a Boreas XT March. We love it and they are a great company!
  4. bstock1

    Post favorite pics of your rig and trailer

    Shake down run with our new Boreas XT last weekend!
  5. bstock1

    portable gas fire pit

    I'd highly recommend lavabox. I got one a couple years ago as a wedding gift after seeing them at overland Expo a couple years ago. We take it everywhere, it's small and compact and with a 11lb propane tank it takes up very little room in the jeep! Great guys and they are a small Colorado based...
  6. bstock1

    Boreas Campers now selling chassis with Cruisemaster CRS2 suspension

    Great open house last weekend! Awesome raffle with some great give aways. Ordered our XT at the open house can't wait to get it!
  7. bstock1

    2019 Boreas XT Trailer - Many Upgrades SOLD

    Does this one have a front receiver hitch where the spare tire is to add another motorcycle carrier like the newer frame models do?
  8. bstock1

    Sold sold

    Do you have your build sheet or a list of options that are on the trailer?
  9. bstock1

    4 day Spring break trip to Canyonlands

    Very nice pictures. I saw your jeep in Moab, very nice rig. I was in Moab Tuesday to Friday. I was on my KTM 1190R. The weather was perfect, I saw the white rim trail from Canyonlands. Hopefully I can make it back this year and do the trail on my adventure bike.
  10. bstock1

    Looking for a new truck

    I have a 05 duramax and love it but if I was buying a new truck I would really give the dodge power wagon a look. Especially if you are replacing a jeep. I think it would cover all your bases. Although the fuel mileage isn't anything to write home about.