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  1. rfseabc

    WTB… AT Chaser trailer

    Have the ultimate AT Chaser Build, here's the description, $35,000, if interested can send images, used 5 times, excellent/pristine condition.
  2. rfseabc

    My Journey

    The Lennep story; lennep-montana, thanks for the vicarious ticket on your " Journey ".
  3. rfseabc

    Oztent RV-3

    Oztent RV-3, used 1x, excellent condition, $750, located on the Olympic Peninsula, Washington State. rv-3
  4. rfseabc

    For Sale: Fully-kitted 2015 AT Chaser Trailer with extensive custom features and fabrication want it gone, price drop to $35,000 OBO

    Drove down from the Olympic Peninsula in Washington State and was lucky enough to score, the sister of the sister, the attention to detail is beautiful in every aspect, excellent transaction, with a unique individual, with some very unique equipment, could not be more pleased with my purchase...
  5. rfseabc

    SOLD - 2015 Kimberley Kamper - Bend OR - PRICE REDUCED $35,000

    In relation to reply #11, how much effort, and what is the procedure to deploy to the first phase. Thanks
  6. rfseabc

    SOLD - 2015 Kimberley Kamper - Bend OR - PRICE REDUCED $35,000

    Thank you, very nice and informative presentation, top shelf as my Canadian friends say.
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  8. rfseabc

    27+ bike

    Synchronicity Any others have experience with belt drives and Rohlhof or Pinion hubs, the opinions seem divided and biased... on some levels, reminds me of the White Queens response to Alice, in " Through the Looking Glass ", " Its a poor sort of...
  9. rfseabc

    WTB: Caravan Camper

    As they say: If wishes were horses, all men would ride... Looking for a Callen or Caravan Camper for 82 Ford F250 4x4 long bed single cab, will travel for the right excellent condition rig, let me know if you have one sitting around, you would like gone. Thanks
  10. rfseabc

    Want to buy, WAZAT Camper Trailer- Base Model

    I would be very interested in a Wazat if one ever pops up in the PNW ( Pacific Northwest ) Thanks LAT for the thread, did not know these existed.
  11. rfseabc

    On a budget ?
  12. rfseabc

    Ford E350 Quigley, 60,000 miles 4x4

    This is local to me, not mine, spoke with owner, very nice van..
  13. rfseabc

    1987 FWC Keystone Pop Up Camper

    87' FWC Keystone Camper located Sequim WA 98382 82' Ford F250 XL 4X4 added
  14. rfseabc

    82 Ford F250 XL + 87 FWC Keystone Camper

    82 Ford F250 XL single cab, 4x4, 5.8l/351 ( 30,000 miles on AC/ Delco reman. engine ) 4 speed trans., manual hubs, new windshield, door and window seals, exhaust and tailpipe, tires ( Yokohama Geolander ATS's ) rims, plugs, brakes, oil ( Mobile One ) and fluid changes, 3k$ paint, I have owned...
  15. rfseabc

    83' Ford F250 XL / 87' FWC Keystone

    83' Ford F250 XL, single cab, 4x4, 5.8 L / 351 engine (25,000 miles on AC/Delco reman. engine, 171 k/miles on truck ), manual hubs, 4speed manual trans., $3000 paint job, new windshield, door seals, original upholstery... + 87' FWC ( Four Wheel Camper ) Keystone Camper. Truck and camper in very...
  16. rfseabc

    Expedition-Ready M416 for sale

    Would you sell the trailer, minus tent ?