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  1. Decanter

    Base truck discussion - FUSO FG or Isuzu with dana 60 axles and GM running gear

    So you would lose 3400 pounds. I think you might struggle to get your setup to weigh in at 11,000 pounds or less but perhaps others can chime in. Are you looking at a 15’ house?
  2. Decanter

    Base truck discussion - FUSO FG or Isuzu with dana 60 axles and GM running gear

    You would lose some weight rating using Dana 60's wouldn't you?
  3. Decanter

    suspension suggestions

    I had my Dodge done at Alcan. The work was fantastic. It rides like a dream.
  4. Decanter

    No Longer Available: Nimbl/XP Camper on a 2013 Ram 3500 Cummins

    I average around 15MPG in mine on a 2007 Dodge 6.7. My ECM is adjusted for tire size and speedo is dead on. GLWS.
  5. Decanter

    Sold 2013 Mitsubishi Fuso Canter FG B72 4x4

    For posterity, 83k miles, asking price $33,642 with 10’ dump bed.
  6. Decanter

    Toro Bravo Campers

    I hope the base price includes the truck if this rig is 210k for Elkhart quality. I interpret that to be wood core laminate not composite foam core. I see they have lithium batteries.
  7. Decanter

    Trouble sourcing Fuso FG parts online

    The Fuso group on FB raves about these guys:
  8. Decanter

    2011-2015 Canter/Fuso dual range transfer case swap possible?

    So in AUS you have the 4P10 motor with a manual and dual range t-case? Is it a manual tranny? Please list the specs if you know them as my Fuso is a 4p10 motor with Duonic.
  9. Decanter

    Fuso 4x suspension expert.......?

    I used Alcan Spring in Grand Junction, CO for my Dodge Ram and they provided custom coils and leafs. Alcan has a forge and makes crafts their own leaf springs. They did an awesome job for me and they work on Fuso's as I've seen a popular builders rig at their location. I have talked with...
  10. Decanter

    ***( sale pending )***2020 Winnebago Revel 44E with OVER $45k in upgrades!!

    My bad it was Sept of 2018 and I just happened across these photos I took. I was seriously thinking of buying one as a friend of mine just grabbed one for $111k. This was at La Mesa RV for a new unit. Pics below.
  11. Decanter

    FG140 batteries dead, won't start

    I should have mentioned I replaced the key fob battery. So I found out a solution...I put the key in, turn it to on and then pushed the odometer reset which started the electronics. There is a section in the manual discussing the keylock security system but it makes no mention of pushing the...
  12. Decanter

    FG140 batteries dead, won't start

    I replaced the batteries in my 2013 FG140 which were completely dead. I believe the security system went off when I opened the door last week to discover the truck dead. I've replaced the batteries but I can't get the security system to recognize the fob and the truck won't turn over. It's...
  13. Decanter

    FGs for sale

    2015 dumper FG140 for sale $40k
  14. Decanter

    2015 Fuso FG140 with dumper $40k
  15. Decanter

    2014 Super singles

    You might check with Rickson. At one point in time he was going to find suitable 19.5" parts to build for the Fuso but I don't know if he ever did. Did you try these guys? I had Stockton wheel build me some. Not sure if they're still...
  16. Decanter

    2014 Super singles

    Are you looking for a 19.5” or 17” wheel?
  17. Decanter

    New kid on the block! AWD Transit with composite camper AEONrv

    I saw your rig at the Loveland Expo and it looked fantastic! A great platform and a well thought out house.