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    2018 JL without the camo...

    The wheelbase/ or overall length is longer on the JL to allow room for the 8 speed automatic. The majority of buyers of all brands of 4x4s show boat more than off road. Look at all the lifted big tired pick ups that never see dirt. The up side is more aftermarket equipment is available for the...
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    KL Cherokee trailhawk owners, chime in?

    The 2017's are supposed to have HID's on the Trailhawk. Looking forward to your build. Jim
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    Barn Door for JK factory hardtops

    Just to clarify. JK with diesel is built in Toledo. The J8's are actually built in Egypt and have been all along. Also they run a 24 volt system. Jim
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    2.0L turbo four for the new Wrangler?

    By Turbo 3 I was referring to the model designation, not the cylinder count. It was actually the 2.2 four cylinder. Jim
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    2.0L turbo four for the new Wrangler?

    No worries. I had thought that after reading all the posts. We had a Turbo 3 about 1990 that was sadly pulled from the market after just a few months. Something about coking in the cold weather. The turbo was by Garrett, had variable vanes and boy did it pull off the line strong. I'm guessing...
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    2.0L turbo four for the new Wrangler?

    Thank you, you replied faster than I did. Jim
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    2.0L turbo four for the new Wrangler?

    Reread and notice the period. The next line was about the turbos and should have been to 2010 to cover all the years of the PT. I actually worked from 1983 to 2014. Jim
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    2.0L turbo four for the new Wrangler?

    All I did was mention that Chrysler uses cylinder deactivation as well as GM, as you thought they were the only ones. Chrysler started in 2005 in the cars and have a better track record with it. I have not made any attacks on your posts. I actually agree with most of your opinions. I did 31...
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    2.0L turbo four for the new Wrangler?

    Chryslers hemi was using cylinder deactivation before GM. It's a very good way to improve mileage. I think Honda did or is using it on a v-6. Jim
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    2.0L turbo four for the new Wrangler?

    The M in the middle should indicate a plate that's issued to car companies for the test vehicles. Jim
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    2018 WRANGLER

    I think it's more of keeping the dealer lots full and not lose money. Usually takes 2-3 months to retool a factory. Once the JL is up to speed they will shut down the JK and start to retool that plant. A good example is what happened with the minivans, they only had one plant, so they tried to...
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    Think I saw the new JL...and pickup version today

    The JL is supposed to be getting a new generation 44 the last I knew. Jim
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    Think I saw the new JL...and pickup version today

    Looks like a steering stabilizer. Jim
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    Think I saw the new JL...and pickup version today

    It is a mix. It's possible that the lot is shared by the car companies for security reasons. The one sure looks like a Wrangler and it is about the right time frame for the full bodies to be out testing. I know Chrysler often does high altitude emissions testing in Denver. The pickups, not sure...
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    '86 Comanche Long bed, Slow build...

    That looks great. Good to see it up and running, you had a major project going. What's next doing an extended cab Comanche? My brother and father both bought new '87s. Loved them just found it hard to get comfortable, I always wanted the seat to move back further. One had buckets and the other...
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    Hella performance 2.0 headlight bulbs (h13). A nice upgrade.

    How long of a life are these bulbs supposed to have, usually upgraded bulbs only last a year or so. WJ's can be a pain because you have to be careful not to break the housing mounting tabs. But would sure like to have better lighting. Jim
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    2017 JEEP WRANGLER PICKUP TRUCK....probably....possibly...maybe...

    What I find interesting is the Africa concept has a 12" longer body allowing the spare tire to mount underneath instead of on the tailgate. Gets you thinking. Jim
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    what do jeep guys like as a truck?

    Sergio confirmed today at the auto show that there will be a Wrangler pickup. 2018 model year. Jim
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    Jeep Africa, Will it Come to be?

    Quite right. My apologies for adding to taking this thread off course On the correct course, I think people like me are looking for a solid body with live axles. The added roof height and longer body make for a large cargo area. No inside information, just my opinion as to why I think there's a...
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    Jeep Africa, Will it Come to be?

    I don't think you could just name a place but there are situations where that could occur, but you might not know because you would have to run an controlled test and of course the road surface would change. Personally I would prefer the better traction. I think most of the vehicles you mention...