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  1. Eb1970

    Type of air line for on board air

    I use Parker 801 and 821 hose with their 82 series fittings. 250 to 350 working pressure and 1000 to 1400 burst pressure depending on size.
  2. Eb1970

    2WD Suspension Recommendations

    Deaver will make you springs for front and rear. They do coils and leaves. I have a set of their coils on the font of my bronco, great ride quality and flex.
  3. Eb1970

    2500/3500 Ram/Chevy/Ford??

    The 7.3 is a cam in block engine, no overhead cam.
  4. Eb1970

    Coil springs

    Ballistic makes the adjustable buckets, you can click on the link in my previous message to look at them.
  5. Eb1970

    Coil springs

  6. Eb1970

    Photos of mid-sized vehicles - Post Here

    Rubicon trip in my bronco.
  7. Eb1970

    85 Ford Fiesta Camper Van

    Here's my 1988 Fiesta. Fuel injected 351, but I have no issues with carburetors. I have a 1970 bronco that is carbureted and it runs great. The windows on mine all leaked, poorly installed like most rvs. I like the 3rd generation's looks, and the chassis of the econoline has been kept similar...
  8. Eb1970

    Pics of your VAN! Post up!

    1988 Fiesta class b I converted to 4wd using 07 super duty axles and radius arm front suspension. Work in progress.