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    Schutt Industries - Xventure Owners

    How does the trailer handle with a full rack of bikes off the back? We have a heavy velocirax 7 bike rack and would like to run an xventure trailer with it in the back with 5 bikes. I’m concerned about keeping enough tongue weight for safe highway handling.
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    Long Travel Supercharged 2001 Toyota Tundra 4x4 Overland Truck ($18k ) Park City, UT

    This is awesome. If I lived in the wide open west I’d be all over this truck.
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    trying to work out how to Jeep camp with my 5 year old and 8 month old

    With our two kids currently (4 and 7) we’ve camped out of a minivan, 4Runner, and currently a gladiator. My suggestion for using a JKU is to treat it like backpacking to keep payload in a safe place. We went with a gladiator recently because it has the payload and tow rating for multiple...
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    PRICE DROP!!! 2007 4Runner

    Perfect replacement for the v6 I had to sell when my wife needed a minivan. A couple years later now we’re ready for another toy Toyota to play. Message sent!
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    COVID prices .. just me ?

    It’s a little nuts. Find a good fabricator and start a business! Buy soccer mom SUV from ATL throw some kit on it and triple your money?
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    *Sold* 2001 ISUZU NPR Auto 4x4 Platform with Garage $11.5k

    What does this weigh as it sits (no camper)? I’m interested in this as a tool truck for business.