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  1. Kelly 4x4

    Post Pic's of your Jeep

    Hello the snorkel is off a 80 series land cruiser ,, the bumper is warn that i added the top to.
  2. Kelly 4x4

    Post Pic's of your Jeep

    Probably kinda of anal thing ,lol I just kinda like the Camel Trophy look ,plus it is ezy to do two of everything ,same pts. etc. But it gets worse I have kept the look with all of my vehicles ,the XJ, Suburban and my motor home . When the Family goes on runs or camping we get the convoy thing...
  3. Kelly 4x4

    LJ for Overland

    The LJ Rubicon is one of the best jeeps , Good for most trails and tows a small to medium trailer well . Here are my two , 05 and 06. Mine and wife's . 31 gal tank , on board air , arb fridge ,,etc
  4. Kelly 4x4

    Post Pic's of your Jeep

    Here's a up dated pic. of my 05 , 06 ,Rubicon's
  5. Kelly 4x4

    M 416 tongue nightmare

    Hi you have to much leverage at the wrong end the rotating needs to be by the jeep end;; and fixed or a slip box receiver on the trailer, Kelly
  6. Kelly 4x4

    M35A2 Camper Build Questions

    Hello This motorhome had been kicking a round for sale for some time even hear on expo, I bought in July 2013 it was not my build but I got all the photos & paperwork on it . I have been doing a lot of up-dating & changes to it , like adding 3' to it ,the side skirts and some inside work . The...
  7. Kelly 4x4

    M35A2 Camper Build Questions

    Hi.. the addon was done in the cold & rain with out gas ..not pretty but hot good pen. and not cleaned up yet, Yes on the .090 & 120 wall 16" on vert. and diagonal up to the cab over. Thanks for the nice words KELLY
  8. Kelly 4x4

    New to Hardside-couple questions

    Hello. As with all propane gens when you shut off the tank it will bleed off then there is air in the line the same with your stove / heater it will take a couple of treys to start until the air is out of the line...kelly
  9. Kelly 4x4

    M35A2 Camper Build Questions

    Hi , the height is 12'10" width 8'1/2" length 27' total weight with water, fuel & gear is 21,500 lb. Kelly
  10. Kelly 4x4

    M35A2 Camper Build Questions

    Here is a pic of the back after the redo ..and be for the inside is finished .. KELLY
  11. Kelly 4x4

    M35A2 Camper Build Questions

    Hello , just use 1.5 box -90 & 120 wall , I just added 3FT to mine using the same as the original build . My frame is about the same as what your disine is good and stiff they used the original bed as the floor the way the bed is mounted to the frame it will flex more then enuff ...KELLY
  12. Kelly 4x4

    C5500 TopKick 4x4 Crew Cab Build

    The spare tire is the original army spot it is 20" off the ground not to bad but then this is not a rock crawler . Kelly
  13. Kelly 4x4

    C5500 TopKick 4x4 Crew Cab Build

    Hello, yes but what color ???? mocha tan,, Sahara tan?? ours is mocha tan . we are just completing adding 3 feet to the back of it for a bunk and storage . Yours looks pretty cool !! looking to see more pictures , Kelly
  14. Kelly 4x4

    Military large truck models

    Hello, I have a m35a3 custom camper they make a good platform ranchers supply has one for 12,000 with 1,400 mils on it and a service box to!! just Google m35a3 expedition camper mine is the tan one ther are others and a hole lot of ways to make one custom with a lot of $$$ or little $$$ .....Kelly
  15. Kelly 4x4

    To snorkel or not?

    If you are going to TDS out at Ocotillo Wells this weekend we will be there with or 01 xj . Kelly
  16. Kelly 4x4

    To snorkel or not?

    Go for it!! But not for the water but to keep the dust out of your air filter they work good for that and look good to..
  17. Kelly 4x4

    Fluxuating oil preasure

    You may have a bad oil filter it happens more then you think use a good name brand filter & go to straight 30 weight oil for older eng,s .. Kelly
  18. Kelly 4x4

    Rear Shocks Under Load

    You can match the Length & ends on a set of Gabriel air shocks and you can get them at Autozone for about $80. a set .I have them on a 05 & 06 Rubicon air up to 70 psi to tow the 5x10 trailer then down to 20 psi for the trail .
  19. Kelly 4x4

    Let's see your LJ's!

    The Kelly's The wife's & mine..
  20. Kelly 4x4

    What's the big difference in a battery isolator, versus starter solenoid?

    I have used the solenoid for about 20 years in my 89 chevy suburban with no problems and you can jump the post off the solenoid to jump the dead main batt.with the 2ed batt. if you need to.. Kelly