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  1. HayStax

    2022 Toyota Tacoma TRD OffRoad w Flatbed Tray and Canopy

    Which engine does the Taco have? Did you personally build the tray/canopy? If you could send me a DM with more details I would appreciate it.
  2. HayStax

    Best full-size 4 season composite trailer?

    OTR trucks and trailers drive millions of miles each year on air ride suspension. Buy some better fittings and hoses.
  3. HayStax

    Best full-size 4 season composite trailer?

    I have not seen any of the units mentioned in person. I may take a look at some if I can find something in the SLC area on my next ski trip. Thanks everyone for all the replies! I continue to have notifications issues with this forum, I had no idea this blew up to 9 pages! I‘ve pulled mostly...
  4. HayStax

    Best full-size 4 season composite trailer?

    It can be tall, no worries on storage height. Pop-up is fine, as long as it’s rated for snow and the heater works! Indoor cooking and dining are Mandatory. No need for indoor toilet or shower. I live in Central Nevada, on the Pony Express Trail, basically in the middle of nowhere. It will...
  5. HayStax

    Best full-size 4 season composite trailer?

    Please help bring me up to speed on current offerings of quality composite trailers. I‘m looking for something that is spacious but ideally lightweight. Doesn’t have to have the bling of a Bruder just not junk. Ideally it would be light enough to pull with my Raptor, space for 4, handle miles...
  6. HayStax

    Best way to seal bulkhead grommet after passing wires?

    Hot glue gun works surprisingly well
  7. HayStax

    Camp King Outback Series Canopy Camper

    I like it. Still wish the tray/flatbed canopy combo was more common here in the USA. Fifty10 was on the right track, they are just priced too high. Dust intrusion is such a huge problem with anything that uses the factory bed, my Raptor and shell is horrible unless front window is open on...
  8. HayStax

    GFC #611 F-150 5.5ft XL Camper June 2020 (NO LONGER AVAILABLE)

    Let me think it over for a day or two. I will be in contact
  9. HayStax

    2nd Gen Raptor Thoughts/Comments

    @04Ram2500Hemi - I stand corrected. Congrats!
  10. HayStax

    GM 0% and deferred payments for COVID

    Be patient. It’s not yet bottomed out. There will be spectacular deals on big ticket items.
  11. HayStax

    7.3 Pre-emptive Preventative Maintenance

    That is interesting. I guess it’s okay for the original piece to remain in the pan. Sure would be easier but $300 seems a little steep
  12. HayStax

    2nd Gen Raptor Thoughts/Comments

    Lol. You have a 12 valve Cummins too? My ’02 7.3 has probably faired pretty well in that regard come to think of it.
  13. HayStax

    2nd Gen Raptor Thoughts/Comments

    I only chime in on these threads because I feel I can offer some real world experience for potential buyers. Not once has the OP actually followed up and bought a Raptor. Last time some clown bought a G Wagon! Then we’re back to the same routine of arguing with strangers about why we’re all...
  14. HayStax

    2nd Gen Raptor Thoughts/Comments

    It was a weird feeling trying to jump a truck with a factory warranty and not worrying much about how I was gonna explain it if I needed to take it in to the shop. I imagine it’s the same for the Hellcat or Camaro ZL1 owners, what a great time we’re living in!
  15. HayStax

    2nd Gen Raptor Thoughts/Comments

    @Martinjmpr - What do you use your F150 for? What trim? Are you happy with it? I bought the Raptor specifically for ********************** down desert roads on my way to mountain hunting and hiking in Nevada. It’s a bonus that it hauls ass on freeways too. Handles ice and snow better than anything...
  16. HayStax

    Help with a F-350.

    It’s your time and money so - built 7.3 and custom composite frame mounted cabover seems like the only reasonable course of action.
  17. HayStax

    2nd Gen Raptor Thoughts/Comments

    Well I have 30k miles on mine. Only complaint is with the rear spring pack and that is a known issue and easy fix with Deaver spring pack. I have an ARE shell and with camping or skiing gear the rear end squats and people hate my low beams. Will be doing springs next month. I love the 3.5HO...
  18. HayStax

    Get camera + wires out of SuperDuty tailgate? (Camera Source fix is $496)

    Why can’t you just take all the guts out of the tailgate and see how the camera is wired in? It can’t be that difficult. maybe call a body shop or ask your dealership. Hell just get one from Ford
  19. HayStax

    7.3 Pre-emptive Preventative Maintenance

    The oil cooler is a major PITA. But if it goes you are going nowhere, it‘s a mess! Cut a couple holes in your wheel well liner and get to the mounting bolts from outside with a long extension. Takes about 30 seconds to replace o rings once it’s off the motor Lately we are seeing some leaks at...