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  1. J

    Ford Maverick FX4 and Tremor

    That’s what I say to my coworkers who say it’s not a real truck
  2. J

    Ford Maverick FX4 and Tremor

    Here’s a couple recent pictures
  3. J

    Ford Maverick FX4 and Tremor

    I have a few things I dislike, but all in all it’s quite amazing and well the price gap between this and a Tacoma is considerable. I’m not a fan of the proximity of the tailgate and bumper when lowered, you gotta wipe the bumper everytime for rocks or ice to not damage the tailgate. The wiper...
  4. J

    Ford Maverick FX4 and Tremor

    We have a hobby farm, I am hauling something every other day; lumber, hay, feed, concrete bags, etc…
  5. J

    Ford Maverick FX4 and Tremor

    Don’t worry I do the same when you guys speak in miles per gallons 😂
  6. J

    Ford Maverick FX4 and Tremor

    I have a maverick AWD fx4 with tow package, currently at 65000km lifetime avg fuel consumption is 8.5L/100.
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    Idacamper (Superduty) updates 2023

    Well that explains it! I’d be happy just to see the pictures again!
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    To build or not to build 2024 Sierra 3500 Single cab

    You might be less top heavy but I doubt you will feel less top heavy. With the amount of time you spend out there, similar to what I was doing a couple years ago, building a rig is a time commitment that you may not want to take or do during off season.
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    Idacamper (Superduty) updates 2023

    I love the efficiency of the build. Not exhaustingly overbuilt like most rigs we see here. This is much closer to what I could build, what I would want to build, what I could afford to build and meets all the requirements for what I do. Perhaps being in Quebec near upstate New York lends me to...
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    Idacamper (Superduty) updates 2023

    I used to have it on my favourites at work. I’ll try to find it again although Idasho might have the link handier than I would?
  11. J

    Idacamper (Superduty) updates 2023

    Still my favourite build of all time! I got to go read back the original thread on pirate 4x4
  12. J

    Freestar: Construction of a big rig !

    Toute un projet, vraiment cool, j’ai hâte de voir ça sur la route
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    Earthroamer - Living full time questions

    I don’t have an ER but am a strong believer of buying something I enjoy driving and drive it! Be worried of putting too many miles on it is like buying a Porsche for it to sit in a garage, might as well consider it an art piece. i like everything of the ER except it’s price tag, if I could...
  14. J

    Overland Explorer Expedition Cabin on 2020 Ford F350

    Really nice rig! I love the floor plan of this camper!
  15. J

    1986 GMC S-15

    I had two s10 first gen, a blazer 1st gen an s-10 second gen(extreme) à Colorado z71 first gen.. Id get an s10 again in a heartbeat!
  16. J

    1986 GMC S-15

    I’m in Ottawa, Id pay a lot to find a gem like that truck here.. well it would be near impossible. amazing truck and build!
  17. J

    Ford Transit Cab Chassis with Composite Camper

    same for us in the van.. -35C, 18C inside.. maxxair at 30% and a cracked window.. lots of lost heat but barely any condensation.
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    Jeepagon 3.0

    Geez those XJ are all rusted to death around here. Awesome project!
  19. J

    Four Wheel Camper ‘Project M’

    I was told the tailgate delete option would not be available
  20. J

    My 550 build The "Ford Escape"

    Very nice! I remember the first trip after the build it was soooo good! Ahah congrats!