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  1. MartinH

    !!!SOLD!!!! 1999 Mercedes-Benz T1N Sprinter !312d 4x4 5-speed manual overland vehicle

    Why do you only want to sell it to someone on the East coast? Thank you, Marty/California
  2. MartinH

    Not for sale anymore - 1997 Mitsubishi Canter 4X4

    None of the videos show a bed. So once again, I’m 6’4”. Is there a bed long enough? Thank you
  3. MartinH

    Not for sale anymore - 1997 Mitsubishi Canter 4X4

    I'm not seeing many photos if interior. I’m 6’4” so I’m trying to understand the sleeping accommodations. Feel free to contact me direct. Thank you, Marty, California
  4. MartinH


    Would you send your build options! Thank you.
  5. MartinH

    ***SOLD*** 2011 E350 Sportsmobile 4x4 EB50 For Sale

    Is the penthouse tent insulated material? Thank you.
  6. MartinH

    Importing a 1994 Mercedes 814D 4x4 from Germany

    Even if it will pass smog in California, you will not be able to register unless it has a US DOT sticker. I just gave up trying to register a 1983 Hymer motorhome with a Mercedes 2.3L gas engine. It has been registered in Wyoming since 2009.
  7. MartinH

    Fuso 4x4 Expedition Camper for SALE - $75,000

    There must be an interesting backstory why this hasn't sold since it looks like an incredible rig and fairly priced.
  8. MartinH

    NEW Overland Explorer Expedition Vehicles Composite Pop-Up Camper

    I’ve been comparing pop up campers for a while now. You’re onto something with your portable cooker and frug idea. And so many pop ups even hig( priced ones don’t have a head. I’m too old to trek across a campground I. The middle of the night just to pee. Seen our at overland expo.
  9. MartinH

    Fuso 4x4 Expedition Camper for SALE - $75,000

    Is your nice RV still located in Alabama? If so where? I live in California but have a very good friend in Tuscaloosa who can make the initial inspection? Thank you, Marty